Daily Archives: May 11, 2011

La Ciotat on a Stormy Day

In February we decided to brave the stormy weather and take a walk along the water in La Ciotat. Even though it was freezing cold and threatening to rain, the view was beautiful. Just look at the color or the sea. It is breathtaking!

Stinky Room and No Phone

We tried to get phones ( that still hasn’t worked out for us) and look at some apartments (I didn’t like them). Then we went to the office and stayed until 9pm. Apparently my Microsoft Outlook Email doesn’t like my computer being in France. I can’t get my email. So while I was on the phone for 2 hours with my IT guy, dude was busy trying to see what he was going to do to get the internet speed faster. At 9pm we left, my email still not doing exactly what it is suppose to do and dude having some ideas of what he would like to try to improve the internet speed. When we got home, he broke the hotel coffee maker and then blew up his drill charger plugging it into the wall thinking it was a 110/220. I guess not. Boy was the sound loud. Good thing the hotel doesn’t have smoke alarms or they would have all gone off and we would have had to evacuate. Needless to say, our very cold room stunk that night.

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