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Your in Nimes not Rome

This is a wonderful ville about 2 hours from where I live and it was where denim became famous. The name denim is actually from the French word de nimes which translated means from Nimes!

I Need A Place To Live and My Email To Work

Time keeps on moving.We saw 2 apartments in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. We liked the one in the afternoon and went back with the owner to give her all my paperwork (boy-it was a ton! They want everything around here except your first born!) Now they know everything about me. They lady said that the owner was actually her son who lives in Paris and she would give him the info and get back to us. We are still waiting, but are hopeful that we will get the place.

It is right around the corner from the office and it has a garage which dude wanted for all of his tools. It is also close to shopping and the beach so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get it. We would like to move in this weekend and get out of the hotel. It is too expensive and I don’t want to keep paying for the room. We have suitcases every where and want to get settled. We again stayed at the office until 9pm talking to my IT guy about fixing my computer mail. It sill doesn’t like me being here. But I have to give Mr. IT a big “shout out” for all the patience and hard work he is doing to try to get me up and running. At the moment, I have to use webmail which seems to be working okay, I just don’t have my signature and it is not as user friendly, but it works for now. Since we stayed at the office until 9pm, all the markets were closed and we couldn’t by any groceries. We had McDo for dinner again. Can you believe it?? I didn’t come to France to eat stupid McDonald’s! I hate that place, but when you are hungry, I guess you will eat anything!

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