Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Damn Scooters

Guess what?? I have to call my IT guy again. Still need help with the email. I am at the office and dude went off to the store to see about getting some wires and plugs for the internet at the office. He just called and some motorcycle passed him on the left while he was making a left hand turn. The motor cycle hit him and now he is in the police station. What the hell!! This is not my week. I have no idea what is going on since, of course, I am not there. He doesn’t really have the capability to defend himself so I am worried that they will say it is his fault. So today is in the wash. By the time he is done fooling around with these yahoos at the station the store will be closed and he won’t be able to get what he needs. Then he is going to come back super pissed and I will have to live with him being like that for the next couple of days. Great, that’s all I need! I still don’t have word about the apartment and really want to get in there by the weekend. It will be much easier to move then than during the week.

I so wish chocolate did this for me…

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