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Move In and New Stuff

We actually made it into our apartment two weeks after arriving in France. It is pretty small but it does have a balcony with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and it sure beats the cramped hotel room we were all living in!  Once in the apartment we had to wait a week before all of our appliances arrived from the store we had bought them from. We did not bring anything appliance wise to France since the voltage is different here and it would have been much more of a hassle. Every new item we had to buy was so much smaller that we had in the states and it wouldn’t have fit anyway!

Because of the one week wait on our new-found purchases, the day we moved into the apartment we had no refrigerator, no washer, no dryer and no oven. We did, however, have a stove top so we were able to cook anything you could put in a pan! We ended up going to a store here called Boulanger, which is sort of like Best Buy in the states. I love this store! I could spend hours just browsing around looking at all the cool stuff I could buy, IF money was no object. Unfortunately, it is, so browsing is mostly what I do.

Thanks to modern technology, you can browse to. Sit back click and browse away….


Ohhh, back to reality. This store is where we ended up getting all of our stuff and they promised to deliver. Sweet-since I could only fit the microwave and coffee machine I had bought into my microscopic Renault Clio that we had rented (the one that now has a big dent in the side door and falling off side mirror due to dude’s accident). Off we went to set up the microwave and coffee maker in the apartment. Around 5 minutes later, we were done! That was easy. Now all we had to do was wait for all of our furniture to come from the states and we would be set. Those eight weeks felt like forever. I was getting pretty tired of sleeping on the tile floor.

Word(s) of the week-14 May 2011

La Baguette Magique is in fact, a magic wand.

If I had une baguette magique, I would look like this!

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