Hiking In The Calanques

Hiking in the calanques is one of the most refreshing and breathtaking experiences one will ever have. This entire area is a geological formation of limestone and is great for those of us who are not professional hikers! You can go at your own pace and the hike is at a level where most ages would be fine doing it. Dude and I packed a lunch (Tinki said hiking was not for her that day) and we set off to do a 5 hour hike (you can do much less or much more, if you would like). The weather was absolutely perfect and the colors that reflected off of the water were incredible. There is a small beach you come upon in the middle of the hike where you can just sit and have a picnic  before going on your way to continue the hike. Even though thousands of people do this hike, the area is so vast that you rarely pass anyone on the way. You can even venture out to the very edge and watch the sailboats, yachts, and tourists excursions go by. The best time to go is between March and May. Many areas of the calanques are often closed in the summer due to a high risk of forest fire. This is definitely a “must do”. You won’t regret it.

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