FedEx and Allergies

Today has not been so kind to me. Stupid FedEx is on strike here in France and I can’t get my six packages that are stuck in Paris. There is no telling when this strike will be over. All these guys want is a measly 1% raise, about 3 more Euros a day for lunch and to get more that 1 weekend a month off.  I say “FedEx, just give it to ‘em so I can get my dang packages delivered!”. Seriously, I don’t think what they are asking for is over the top. Now I know, depending on how many employees a company has, what they are asking could add up to a whole buttload of money, but if these guys stay on strike for a couple of weeks (very possible-this IS France) then Fedex is going to lose a heck of a lot more dinero. Come on, this is France. These people are experts at striking and they know how to drag it out. This could get down-right dirty, in my opinion. Tomorrow I will get the news whether or not my packages get to see the light of day.

Also, thanks to the 50km/hr winds yesterday with gusts of up to 75km/hr, my allergies are acting up. I personally made sure to take care of myself and cover up my face and mouth before walking out the front door yesterday. I would have thought that would have been enough. But no, these dang winds are kickin’ up all the dust and pollen you could imagine. I guess I should have gotten a clue, when I kept seeing yellow pollen flying everywhere and eventually settling on me. Denial is an ugly thing folks. Let me tell ya. I sure am paying the price now. I even took some allergy meds and they just aren’t doing the job. So far, I have gone through 2 rolls of toilet paper (the tissues ran out a long time ago)! Tomorrow when I wake up, I will be investing in Auchan. They are the company who makes the toilet paper and tissues I have been using. I figure I should make some money off of the misery I am currently living in. That would make me feel a whole lot better.

About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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