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Tell It Like It Is

“Big Bang Toilet Seat Cleaner!” You definitely do not need an explanation for this one. Some one in France already knows how to keep it real.

What a Girl

Today on my way to work (still feeling like crap thanks to ongoing allergy problems and no packages in sight to be delivered), I get in the elevator with dude and he is checkin’ himself out in the mirror. Really? (There is a full length one in our elevator). I swear to you he is a better girl that I am!  Well, of course, now he’s gone and done it. He’s gotten himself into a conversation with moi and here it is:

Me: What are you doing?

Dude: Just checking out my shirt, I’m not sure if I look good in it.

Me: It looks fine on you.

Dude: But does it fit me right? It doesn’t make me look fat does it?

I roll my eyes. What did he just say???

Me: No, it doesn’t make you look fat. You look good in it. I swear you’re such a GIRL!

Dude: No I’m not. I just want to make sure I look good. You do that.

Me: I know, I’m a girl!

The he just starts laughing at me, like I’M the weird one. Go figure.

Me: You ARE a girl. How come every time you get into the car you gotta fix your hair and check yourself out in the mirror?

Dude: I want to be sure my hair looks good.

Me: I don’t even do that.

Dude: Yes, you do.

Me: NO, I don’t. When have you ever seen me check out my hair in the car.

Crickets. I hear crickets. Complete and total silence. Dude’s got nothin’ on me.

Me: See, told ya. Never.

Then he just gives me a goofy grin.

Me again: Dude, you’re SUCH a girl….

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