Daily Archives: May 18, 2011

Who Said You Could Leave The House Like That!

There is a misconception in this world that French people know how to dress and they always look great. Well the two attachments are proof that this is not always the case.

I snapped these while out on a road trip a couple of weeks ago. Apparently her family didn’t put there well deserved 2 cents in!

Is The Fedex Strike Really Over?

Happily, the FedEx strike, here in France, seems to be over. So they tell me. I finally received all my packages today. Maybe these guys got wise and just gave their workers what they want.

Even though the many strikes that occur in France are such a pain in the butt for us commoners who can’t seem to get a dang thing done when one goes on, I must say, they are effective. I really do love that the French have the right to strike and make their presence and wants known. I confess that while the strikes are going on I am completely irritated, but I do try to look at it (once they are over and my life is back to normal) with an “outside the box” perspective. They have the right to exercise their rights!

I am, for sure, happier than I was yesterday (and the day before). Plus, le FedEx dude that delivers my packages is super cute. I guess it is hard to stay mad for too long when he comes in with a smiley face and delivers my stuff!

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