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Word(s) of the week-22 May 2011

Carte Bleue.

In the everyday meaning, a carte bleue, is one’s visa or credit card. For example, when I am at the market, the cashier always asks me how I am paying. I reply, “Par carte bleue”.

But, in France, there is another, hidden, darker meaning to this word.  It is what a man would call his girlfriend or wife since they “spend all his money”.

Time for a scenario.

Two friends meet for a beer and talk about making plans for watching the big game on the weekend.

Guy 1: “Hey, the guys are coming over this weekend to watch the big game, you comin’?”

Guy 2: “Yah, I’ll be there. What time?”

Guy 1: “About 6:00. We’re frying up some burgers before the game.”

Guy 2: “K-Sounds good.” His phone suddenly rings. “Oh merde, c’est ma carte bleue! I gotta go. Her parents are coming over for dinner tonight . I’ll see you this weekend.”

Now, while this is a seemingly funny, and creative, take on words (I doubt anyone in the states would call their girlfriend/wife their “visa” because it just doesn’t sound right) I take some what offense to it. Personally, I don’t spend all my husband’s money. Right now he is a kept man, so he spends mine! Hey, I guess that makes him ma carte bleue. Touché

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