Life Without Furniture

Getting a glimpse into the life of another is a pretty strange thing when you really think about it. I don’t think of my daily life as anything special. It’s just different, like everyone else. We all have our great moments, our awful moments, and our quirky things that happen (most of the time all three occur on the same day).  I just like to think of my life as exciting (well, since I moved to France). The funny stuff that goes on (as well as the downright stupid) just moves me to right about it. It is a sort of “relief” if you will, from the day to day things one has to do. It is also therapy. The time my family has spent preparing for this move has been ages (and I mean ages).

When my family left France back in 2005 to return to the USA (after living here for two years), dude and I thought about nothing but how to get back here. It was a great deal of work, time and tears trying to work our way back to this crazy place we love calling home. The whole “project”, as I like to call it, was 5 and ½ years in the making. Once the dream became a reality is was another year before all the paperwork and issues could be settled. Well, we finally made it!  We finally got to realize our dream of becoming “Frenchies”.

And this is where our dream took us. To three people living in a studio sized hotel for two weeks! (Arrgh)

Then to our own apartment with sleeping bags and no furniture for 7 more weeks. (Sigh). I just keep telling myself, “I wanted this!”.


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