Daily Archives: May 25, 2011

Spring Time

Oh, how I love springtime in France. Even the village houses come alive.

This Time It’s FedEx and Volcanoes

FedEx has gone and done it again. They have totally pissed me off. I was told that the strikes had ended last week and all was good. We even got some packages delivered at the end of the week. Well, this week they decided, “Nope, strike again!”  Now I am sitting around waiting for some time sensitive material and they don’t even care.  As punishment, I did not ship with them this week. That’ll teach ‘em to mess with me.

I can hear them now during negotiations, “If Ashley doesn’t ship using FedEx, our company can’t survive! Get her done!” Well, I hear that in my own kingdom, anyway.

So negotiations are on and in the mean time my packages were diverted to Germany. That diversion costs me a whole day!

Now, I not only have FedEx to deal with, but also the volcano in Iceland. Granted it is not as bad as last year and the ash clouds have not reached us, but they should be in France by the end of the week. No shipments thanks to possible airport closures.

I am on pins and needles (literally) to see what awaits me for the rest of the week!

But the worst is that due to no packages arriving, that cute FedEx guy didn’t make a trip to see me. I guess next week should be super special for me then!

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