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I Need Coffee!

Today I finally got a text from Boulanger, those guys who took my coffee maker. Apparently, it was ready to be picked up.

Well, no surprise that when we arrived at the store we had to wait in line! So dude and I finally get up to the desk and hand the guy our paperwork telling him we received the text that our coffee maker was ready. Boulanger guy proceeds to put our reference number in his computer and then asks me for my new invoice. What invoice? I didn’t buy the thing last time I came in, I GAVE it to you! Then the guy says to me that I should have gotten an invoice when I dropped it off. Well I didn’t so deal, bud. He starts mumbling something under his breath and does about 1.2 seconds worth more of work in his computer (Oh, the hardship!) and finally finds our coffee maker in his system.

He leaves and goes to the back room of “gifts” and brings it to us. Now dude and I are thinking, wow, they must have fixed it (which would have been alright with us since we really liked the thing). Interestingly, the guy keeps us in suspense for like 5 minutes, and presents us with more paper work and says that we can go a new one. Oh joy.

So now we were off in search of the perfect replacement. We really thought that we would just get the same one, but noooo, they don’t sell that model any longer. Big surprise! Well, we had a devil of a time choosing a new. The one we were really interested in has some missing parts on the display so we couldn’t really tell if it was going to work or not. We finally found one that was similar, took that display apart and used the parts on the one we were interested in! Just to see if it looked good. Geeez, we put it all back!

It looked good and the price was right thanks to our reimbursement from the store. Now all we had to do was find it on the shelf. Searching, searching, searching and_it_is_not_there!! Really, after all that, they don’t even have one? So we ask one of the ladies that worked on the floor and she looked in her computer which said they still had some. Well, then Boulanger lady, I invite you to go and try to find it!

A couple of minutes later, here she came. Empty handed. Ha, knew it! So much for your dependable system, girlfriend. Then she tells us we have to go to the back of the store because they will have some in the back area and the nice man who works there will get it for us. All we have to do is ring the bell and wait for him.

So we do just that. After waiting a few minutes the security guy opens the door and says we are out of luck that no one is back there. Well, back we go to the lady to let her know. She says, “No, no, just go back and wait, he will be there”. So back we go. Fortunately, right as we approached the door, the guy who was supposed to be there arrives. He goes and looks for our now infamous coffee maker. (I hear the Jeopardy theme song playing). After what seems like forever, he gives us the bad news and says we have to order it. Dang it!

Back again to Boulanger lady who proceeds to order it for us and says it will take a week. Mind you, I have now been in this store for more than one hour just trying to get a darn coffee maker! We finally order and take our paperwork up to the front desk. Once it is all rung up, the cashier proceeds to call the guy in the back (remember him?) and tells him to go and get the coffee maker and bring it up to the front. I didn’t say anything. I wanted to see what happened. So we waited. After a few minutes he calls her back and says they don’t have any more. Then she finally realizes that it was a “special order” and says that she has to do our whole bill all over again. Good grief!

Finally we get outta that place and as we are heading to the car, dude realizes that the date they put down on our invoice to pick it up is wrong. They have us picking it up today! Duh-and that is possible how??? Back into the store we go. All this for a simple coffee maker we should have just been able to buy right off the shelf. Oh wait, delusions of the states again.

You know what?? I don’t even want coffee anymore.



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