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View of Tourrettes

The family and I happened upon this tiny town called Tourrettes. This is the view of the little village from a hill just across the way. The lucky people who live here have such a beautiful view of the valley below them.





Yippey, My Stuff Is Here!

The day our furniture arrived from the states, we were overjoyed. After no beds, tables, dressers or anything remotely close to convenience, we couldn’t contain ourselves. The morning of the arrival I got a call from the three guys who were going to come and help us unload our stuff. When we had left the states we had rented a 20 foot shipping container and that thing was packed as tight as possible. It possessed all that we would have in France. Of course, we had to sell some of our things, including two cars and a jet ski, but anything that could be crammed into that container, by golly was.

The guys that came to help us were three Frenchmen, one of who had lived in England for the past 10 years. He actually called himself “Froglish”. Killed me! He had the craziest accent, sort of cockney with a twist.

The guys were great and really worked their butts off for the whole morning. See we live on the 4th story of our apartment building, but we also have a garage underground. Since our apartment is half the size of the house we came from in the states, some of our stuff was to go in the apartment and get unpacked and the rest of the stuff was to be kept in boxes in the garage until we bought our own place.

I was designated the referee and stood at the front door of the building and told the guys whether the boxes should go into the garage or onto the elevator. We had a great system going and the whole container was unloaded in about 4 hours. Yes, 4 hours! I told you it was 20 feet of all my worldly possessions.

The only casualty was when Dude decided to help with our bed. We couldn’t fit it into the elevator because the frame was too tall. He and one of the guys proceeded to take it up the stairs. The problem is that the stairs in our building are spiral and narrow. Before they even made it up the first flight, Dude raise the frame up and hit the stairwell light and it fell to the ground and shattered into millions of tiny glass pieces. It would have to be him that did it! The stairwell is made of concrete and there is no carpet to buffer the sound. The crash was so loud, that it was practically deafening. Boy, did all the neighbors come running fast. I felt stupid. “Hi, were the goofy Americans that just moved in. Sorry that we’re already breaking stuff and being noisy.  We’re just trying to live up to your expectations of loud, noisy Americans. We might as well get that out of the way now”. Thanks, Dude!

After that fiasco (and subsequent clean up of glass pieces), the guys went to lunch and told us they would be back to help us unpack! Help unpack?? What a treat. No one helped us pack it up before we left!!

While the guys were gone, Dude, Tinki and myself got busy with starting the unpacking party. It was a mess. We had so much stuff packed into such a small space that we didn’t know where to begin. Tinki and I voted for getting the beds together. Both she and I were determined to not have to sleep another night on the tiled floor!

Once we finished with that it was on to the dressers, pots, pans and dishes. The guys came back and helped us empty all our boxes and even took ALL the trash with them (thank goodness cuz there was no where to put that stuff).

After all boxes were emptied, the moving guys took off and left us to finish finding places for all of our junk. We stayed up half the night trying to hook up the TV’s, DVD players and desk top computer. We were so excited to have them that we couldn’t  wait to get them all set up. That night I literally jumped into my bed and I slept better than I had in the last couple of months.

I am so happy that our stuff didn’t get lost at sea or stuck in customs. I won’t lie to you, I had some nightmare’s there for a while that our container would be lost in a storm (I had seen it happen on the news) or that customs would have some issues with the enormous amount of paper work we had to give them. Good news, none of that happened. It was as smooth as it could be.

I think when we move again, I will be calling those guys to come help. I figure they will be up for it as long as I tell them that Dude will keep his hands off and let them do it. I don’t need another broken light on the way down!

By the way, here is Tinki on the day our furniture arrived. Look at how happy she is! I just love her to pieces 🙂


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