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Fedex is on Holiday-Gimme a break!

Just when I thought all was good and the lasting effects of the Fedex strike were over, I find out that they now have a holiday on Monday June 13, which means my shipping time frame is once more behind schedule!

All was looking really great today when the cute FedEx guy showed up with my packages.

ON TIME, mind you!!

This was the first time in a month since the strike began that I actually received everything on the day I am supposed to. All my stuff went straight to Paris (not diverted to Germany as they had been these past several weeks) and I was feeling really good about FedEx being back on track.

That warm glowy feeling lasted all of 5 seconds.

My colleague goes and springs it on me that Fedex is on holiday next Monday and they will be closed! This time it is for Pentecost. I don’t know about your company, but mine has to work that day. We’re starting again with these religious holidays and not playing by the rules of separation of church and state. Fine, okay, historical stuff and all that which means I am not going to diss them. I’m mad because this time I am not reaping the benefits of a day off PLUS my packages are going to be late again. Double wammy = not happy today.

When is this going to end??

I vote that they should have to work that day to make up for their “days off” they took when they held the strike. I think that’s fair.

Make it so Number One!

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