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WW Smack Down at the Train Station, Almost

Funny stuff happens in the train station when you least expect it. While waiting for a connection, people watching was in order (the best free entertainment EVER!). Well, along comes this guy with crazy Albert Einstein hair, only longer, and he is hugging several packs of cookies and a Coke like they are gonna run away from him if they could.  He’s looking really suspicious and wondering around mumbling to himself. While this is going on, there is a husband and wife standing in front of the doors to one of the train cars. The wife is holding a small child that was probably her grandkid. I say this because they were waving to a lady that looked like the kid’s mom.

All of a sudden, the crazy Albert Einstein guy walks right up to the lady holding the kid and gets right in her face (holding his cookies and Coke as tight as he possible can) and he starts mumbling something while literally touching noses with her! Then quick as a wink, the lady’s husband yells “Get the hell away from here!” (in French, of course) Then he hauls off and smacks the guy across the face! Really and truly! Right there in plain view of everyone at the station! He seriously smacked the guy so hard that his cookies and Coke went flying everywhere. Some of the people got hit with the fallout! Crazy haired Einstein practically falls over, but catches himself, although, he must have been seeing stars because he was a bit wobbly for a minute. Then he proceeds to go and sit down on a bench and never even bothers to pick up all his bags of cookies and his Coke that he was clinging for dear life to! The lady with the baby never bats an eye and the kid never cried. The lady just acted like it was an everyday occurrence! Meanwhile, her husband is standing there with his arms crossed muttering something to himself as he keeps turning around to check on crazy haired Einstein to be sure he was staying put on his bench.

It was freakin’ hilarious! The best part was the daughter never even rushed to her parent’s side. She just stood there watching the whole thing take place while the train doors were open. Man, that’s a kid her parents could be proud of! Geez Louise! She could have easily gotten out.

On top of that, everyone in the station just acted like nothing was going on and the people on the train just casually looked out the window watching the whole thing transpire.

Meanwhile, here’s the Americans that are dying laughing because it was so ridiculous and unexpected!

These people were killing me! In the states the cops would have rush over in no time flat, probably hauled both guys away while a crowd gathered and the people in the train would have all jumped out of their seats to get a good view! What the heck??

Then not two minutes later, some nerdy guy walks out of the station with all his luggage and not paying attention, kicks the Coke can (a full one) and that thing goes flying and ricochets of the train and hits another by stander.

Hilarious, I tell you. Pulling out of the train station was actually a letdown. I wasn’t ready for the entertainment to end. I will be sure to have popcorn with me next time. That’s always good when watching a show.

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