Daily Archives: June 18, 2011

Medieval Bathrooms

I love to visit medieval villages. Everyone who knows me well will attest to this.

I do NOT, however, love medieval bathrooms. This is a plea to all villages who wish to welcome tourists to come and see the ancient ruins, chateaux, cobble stone streets and shop and eat and spend money. PLEASE, update your public bathrooms. Us girls are quite good at jungle peeing, but come on, help us out a little!  This is really ridiculous. When you upgraded the town to have electricity, running water and of course, internet, you could have redone the bathrooms. I’m not saying they have to be all fancy with monogram towels, or nothing. Just a sit down towel would be nice. If possible, please add a toilet paper dispenser, too. I get a little tired of having to remember to bring my own on every trip.

Also, in some towns it looks like they haven’t ever been cleaned since the day they were installed! GROSS!

These squatters have got to go. In the winter when we are all wrapped up, it is nearly impossible to squat and pee. I would invite any guy to try this. They would demand change, too.

As fair warning to all you ladies out there, please beware when traveling. Until France hears my pleas and does a little updating, be prepared to BYOP (bring your own paper) and pop a squat. Don’t be wearing anything fancy, and heaven forbid if you decide to sport those designer shoes. They might not come away looking as fancy!



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