Daily Archives: June 20, 2011

My Local Boulangerie

Oh, how I love my local boulangerie, and all the other ones I come across for that matter. They make the most incredible goodies I have EVER seen. Just to walk in one and smell the freshly baked bread and to stand in front of the glass cases staring with eyes glazed at all the wonderful treats one can buy, is better than Christmas morning, let me tell you. I just love that my boulangerie is within a 5 minute walking distance from my house. My butt and thighs, on the other hand, do not!

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to work in one of these places. I would be in the back room feeding my face all day! Of course, if that happened, I guess I wouldn’t be working there too long!

They make these little, tiny pastries that lull you into thinking that because they are small and sometimes super adorable, you should get a bunch and try them all. How many calories could those little goodies possibly have in them??? Oh and they smell so good! I just can’t handle it!

Forget about sharing, too. I don’t share my deserts too well. Everyone just has to get their own. It’s definitely wonderful that every village has a least one boulangerie in it and sometimes many more depending on the size of the village. One never has to go too far to experience the wonderful treats they have to offer….. then the guilt that goes along with 🙂


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