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I So Took A Wrong Turn

We have these bathrooms at work that everyone on the floor has to share. It’s not so bad since there are only 4 offices per floor, so I can’t complain about them ever being crowded.

The thing is, there is supposedly one bathroom for the Monsieurs and one for the Dames. Check out the pictures I took of each door.

Now, I realize on one of the doors there is Monsieur and on the other door there is a Dames so you can distinguish which bathroom is for which gender. The problem I had when I first arrived here, is that there is a small sign underneath each of those that has both a Monsieur and a Dame and says Toilettes. Me being in France, assumed that if one bathroom was full, you could just go ahead and use the other. Cuz the sign underneath appears everywhere here when it is one bathroom for both genders.

Logical! Cuz privies are everywhere here so why not at the office, too. This IS France, for goodness sake. That’s how they roll. I really did think this. Totally not making it up!

So for about two months, that is what I did. If one bathroom was full, I would just go ahead and use the other one. No problem, right?? Well time moved on and I never had an issue. One day, the bathroom with the Dames on the door was full so I went to the one with the Monsieur on it. Great, no one in there!

As I go to leave the stall there is a guy doing his thing at the urinal and, I kid you not, my eyes about popped out of my head! His take on the whole situation was about like mine. We both had the “deer in the headlights” look. I was so confused that I just said “Bonjour” and ran outta there like I was training for the Olympics!

I get back to my office and I said to the girls, “That is so not cool to leave the bathroom stall and see some guy standing there peeing!” The girl in my office was like, “WHAT! There is a guy in the bathroom”! She then proceeds to get up like she’s gonna go kick his butt. I’m all, “Yaah! He was standing at the urinal when I left the stall and it really freaked me out! I’m not really feeling it!”

Then she just starts cracking up and says, “You were in the GUYS bathroom!”

I gave her that super confused looked and said, “GUYS bathroom?? What are you talking about? You can use both, right?” By now both girls in my office are about on the floor dying of laughter. There like, “NO, one is for the Dames and the other is for the Monsieurs! You CAN’T use both!”

So I said, “What the heck is with the confusing sign on the door with a dude and a lady that’s telling ME either or??”

They said, “That’s just to let you know that it is the bathroom.”

So I said, “That’s just dumb. Anyone could tell that from the giant Monsieur and giant Dames on the door. What they need two signs for?? They could have just put the word ‘Toilettes’ under the giant people and that would have been sufficient.”

Then I realized it was put there on purpose for the stupid American (me) so everyone in my office could get a good laugh.

Thanks for that!

Oh! And sorry to the guy who I scared to death in the bathroom. For the record, I haven’t seen him since….




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