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Too Much Chocolate, Never

Dude and I are just like kids sometimes. We come up with some goofy things to do just like if we were 13 years old or something.

Well, tonight, we were in one of our goofy moods while at the market and it came into full swing while strolling down the cereal aisle. While Dude was looking for his favorite cereal, I started checking out how much cereal there is in France that is full of chocolate. Oh-My-Gosh! There is more than I could ever imagine!

Well, we decided that we were going to have a photo op moment with all the wonderful and fattening cereal you could eat here.

So Dude and I start collecting cereal boxes and putting one of each type of chocolaty goodness for our display.  Mind you, we were only collecting those that are, oh so chocolaty. As we begin rearranging the shelves, the people coming down the aisle start giving us these weird looks and for good reason, because we were really into what we were doing. We were running up and down the aisle looking for the best and brightest for our photo. When all was said and done, we ended up with 21 different brands of cereal that are choc-full of chocolate! I mean FULL OF CHOCOLATE and nothing else! Well, okay, maybe some flakes, too.

Those are the ones who now have their 15 minutes of fame (which will last forever thanks to my photo). Crazy enough, there are SO many others that have bits of chocolate with something else. For example: chocolate with caramel, chocolate with strawberries, white chocolate, etc. We didn’t count those ones, but only because there are so many that they probably wouldn’t fit in the picture and for the sake of keeping it PURE.

We actually had a great time and part of the fun was the people who would actually NOT walk in front of us to respect our picture taking moment! Crack up! Then when we had finished with the pictures, they just gave us a weird look while passing by. We said “Thanks very much”, in our best American accent to confirm to them that Americans are just strange. It was awesome!

By the way, they also have breakfast bars here, which of course, are choc-full of “guess what”! I took a photo of those, too. Looks like they need to have plenty in stock, too, to feed the chocolaty appetite 🙂

AAAAH!!!  The good life is here.


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