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Pizza Chez Caruso

Near our apartment there is a guy we buy pizza from. His pizza “van” is named Chez Caruso Pizza. Now his van looks down-right scary and so does his pizza boxes! But I tell you, this guy makes the best pizza in town. He is super popular. There are always people gathered around the pizza van waiting for their dinner.

He has this wood burning stove inside the van and when it gets going, look out! I have seen the flames rise up so high you would think it would set the whole van on fire. This van is the most dilapidated thing that hasn’t run in years. It’s all trashy and everything. For making the pizzas he even has a generator situated in the front of it. It would definitely get shut down health department in America.

If I saw this thing in the states, I would take off and run the other way without ever considering buying a pizza. But here, no way, this “hole in the wall” pizza place is the best ever. I haven’t gotten sick, yet, and his pizza is so fresh and not greasy at all.

My recommendation for the outta towners is the vegetarian. Best EVER!

He is reasonably priced, too, and very friendly, even though his Marseille accent is difficult to understand.  This guy definitely has my vote. I hope to be buying pizzas from him for a long time to come. Stay away France Health Department!





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