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Le Portail

In front of our apartment complex is this really stupid security gate. Which by the way, it’s not secure at all. It is the most pitiful, stupidly put in structure you can imagine.

It has two doors that open out towards the street and these doors continuously break. A guy has come out to fix the gate a total of 6 TIMES in the last 8 months! Two of the times the gate has broken, the doors were left open into our complex for several days and someone got into the underground garages and broke into 6 people’s garages the first time and the 4 the second time. The second occurrence happened just 5 days ago and of course, after the break-ins, it still took this guy 3 days to come out and “fix” the gate. So he finally makes it out to work his “magic” and the day after he came, you guessed it, the doors were again broken. I came home from work last night to 3 residents trying to fix the open doors.

This situation is getting ridiculous. I am really sick of this guy trying to “System-D” this issue. Why can’t the complex just fork out the doe and put in a gate that really works instead of Mickey Mousing around. In the time and money it takes to get this guy to “fix” the gate, we could have already had a brand new, “it really works”, gate in place.

I can’t tell you how obnoxious this really is and all the residents are getting super pissed.

Now, to top it off, the front door of my apartment building is broken. Normally, you need to have a FOB to get in. Well, that no longer works because someone busted the magnet and anyone can just walk in. This complex is only 3 years old. What the heck??? Who was the idiot who brainchild this up. They sure went cheap.

Each day when I drive up to the gate it is a surprise whether or not it’s going to work! One time, all the residents actually got suck IN the complex because the gate doors broke in the closed position! That was fun. Lucky I can walk to work and there is a path out the back of the complex for walking. Unfortunately, cars are not allowed there.

When are these guys gonna get it together and fix the situation permanently? I can’t handle how there are people in this world who love to screw around and never get anything done! I am worried about the stuff in my garage. There is no real security in this place!

I even though of sleeping in my car in the garage and if someone tries to break in, jump out of the back and scare the crap out them all while getting it on film for youtube. Mind you, I am still considering it.

I don’t even live in a dangerous neighborhood! Now all you guys probably think I live in the ghetto. I seriously don’t. The complex is nice, it’s just the gate, the association, and the dumb “fix-it” guy who are ghetto.

Whenever these yahoos decide to get their act together, I will let you know and take a picture to prove it! Until then I need a really hot guy to protect all my belongings. I wonder if Hugh Jackman’s available? I should give him a call and ask.

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