Daily Archives: July 2, 2011

Mystery Car

While out at the beach, I spotted this little beauty. I have absolutely no idea what the heck it is, make or model. It might not even be a real car! Maybe they just pieced a few together or something? What do you think? I personally haven’t seen another one like it, yet.

I would really like to know why this person has a clown fish on the side of their car and on the back of it, a skull and crossbones, three mosquitoes, and a “no camel” sign. Also, that roll down piece of cloth that makes it seem like the military could jump out of the back at any moment is interesting.

So, I kind of don’t get it. What is this car even advertising for?

Here is my theory – he catches clown fish on his pirate ship using mosquitoes as bait and there are no camels allowed on his boat.

Yup, sounds good to me.

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