Daily Archives: July 7, 2011

That’s SOME Cola!

It always amazes me the funny stuff I find when I am out wondering around this country. I get the biggest kick out of the weird products that some people think up.

While out on the road one weekend, we stopped by a Total gas station and went into the boutique to grab a nice, cool drink. That’s when I spotted this little gem.

Now will somebody please tell me why the heck I would want to drink a Bitch Cola?? I don’t think I need to becoming anymore bitchy than I already am and Dude would definitely second that.

I think I will pass on trying to figure out who would invent this. I would be afraid to find out just how bitchy they were.

Ooh! On second thought, maybe if you are a bitch, you’re supposed to drink it and it miraculously takes the bitchiness away!

In that case, it was some crazy woman’s husband who invented it because he simply couldn’t take it anymore.

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