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Word(s) of the week-08 July 2011

Kif Kif

The new word I learned today was kif-kif. My colleague at work, who is French, decided she was just gonna throw that one in and I possibly might not catch it! Ha! She was wrong. I get such a wide variety of French “familiar” words from her. It’s awesome.

She was comparing something while telling me a story and instead of the usual “c’est presque la meme chose” or “c’est pareil” she slide in kif-kif instead. “Hold the phone”, I said. “Back up and tell what that means”, as I got out my notebook in which I write down all the slang terms in French that I hear.

Every time I ask her, she just laughs and says, “Oh, it’s really familiar”. No kidding! Really ?? Cuz that’s why I want to know it! I need to speak cool French, not school book stuff. Please….

So in her description of kif-kif she pointed out that you use it when you are comparing things that are really similar, nearly the same.

So in my rendition to her, just to be sure I had it down, I said, “So, it’s kind of like our level of French. Yours and mine are pretty much kif-kif”. She just gave me a dumb look and said, “No, not really” and then walked away.

Burst my bubble today, I tell ya.

But ya know what? Someday my level of French will be kif-kif with hers. Like in 5 years, when I can actually understand this language! Dang conjugation and slang.


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