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Saturday at LeRoy-Merlin

Today was not what I would exactly call a fun day. What started out as a side trip to our normal weekend road trip, turned out to take the entire afternoon. Tinki and I were not too happy, to say the least.

Dude decided he wanted to go to the “centre commercial” and hit up LeRoy-Merlin. You see, we are in the midst of buying our first house in France and it’s a real fixer-upper. We know absolutely nothing about the construction products that are available in France, what they are or what brands are good and what brands to stay away from.

Since the “escrow” is due to close in a few weeks and the house will officially be ours, he wanted to get a jump on the research to figure out what we are going to need and how we will go about getting it.

Off to LeRoy-Merlin we went, the Home Depot of France. This place is actually really cool when you’re in the mood to go. The problem was that I wasn’t in the mood today. I was all set for my Saturday to begin with some fun sight-seeing and Dude just sprung it on Tinki and I.

Lesson #1-Don’t listen to Dude when he says he wants to take a quick look at something in LeRoy-Merlin before going on with the rest of the day.

Lesson#2-Don’t agree to go with him after you have ignored Lesson #1.

Since I didn’t learn either lesson until today, Tinki and I went along.

LeRoy-Merlin was really crowded due in large part to the fact that Saturday is the only weekend day that the French can shop there since the store is closed on Sunday. Can you imagine Home Depot being closed on Sunday? No way, it would never happen.

Unfortunately, it was also extremely warm in the store because the French don’t really understand the idea of air-conditioning, yet. Like I said, the store is supper fun when you’re in the mood, but not on a hot day on Saturday.

We began our shopping spree on the exterior, side lot. Here is where they keep the gravel, pipes, rain cutters, dry wall, wood and all the large outdoor goods. Thankfully there were some areas of shade because Tinki and I were beginning to melt out there. Someone could make a mint if they had a little ice cream and soda cart and just walked around this outdoor area selling refreshing goodies. I know, cuz I would have paid a hundred Euros for an ice cream cone right about 15 minutes after we got there. That’s how hot and nasty it was!

Finally after a little complaining on my part, and Tinki’s, we ventured inside. Even though it was still warm, as least the sun wasn’t beating on us. First stop was the paint aisle. I picked out a nice purple paint with texture, cuz purple is my favorite color. Michael likes raspberry so he wants to go with that. For Tinki’s room she wants green walls and purple carpet. Luckily, we found both.

Next up were some neat stones that Dude and I are contemplating putting on one of the bedroom walls. I love them. They will go great with the style of the house and most likely, his raspberry paint. I think the purple paint will be for my library (which I am SO stoked about)! Flooring was next. We found a great deal on some hardwood floors that we are thinking about putting in upstairs. I also found some great grey flooring that I would like to use on the first floor hallway, master bedroom and bathroom. Then it was onto the tubs and showers (for Tinki’s bathroom) then the electrical gadgets.

By now, Tinki and I were famished and really done in by the heat. Yes, I do admit that I am a weeny. I HATE the heat. We decided to leave Dude to continue his looking around and we went out to the car for some lunch that thankfully, we had packed before we left.

While we found a somewhat cool and shady spot, Dude was trying to figure out the electrical stuff. It was quite interesting getting strange looks from people while we ate out of our car in the parking lot. I think it was mostly because we had some really great looking food and cool drinks. Everyone was super jealous.

After filling our tummies, Tinki and I headed back in to find Dude still in the electrical aisle trying to figure out how he was going to relearn all the items that he already knows about in the states, but now cuz we’re in France he has to start all over again. No bueno.

We hung around a little while longer and then Tinki and I were done. We needed to get the heck outta there.

By now it was like 5pm and we never got our Saturday road trip. Tinki and I were disappointed. Homeward bound we went. Next time, I will remember Lession#1 and #2 and if I happen to forget, Tinki will surely remind me.

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