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Already A Nightmare

Dude and I have been in the works of buying a house here since the 6th of April when we first put in the offer. From that point on we still don’t have a date to sign the final paper work. This is getting old. It has been more than three months and we are now coming into, you guessed it “les grands vacances”. I was really hoping that this would be done by now.

Two weeks ago we had it all arranged with our “notaire” to go and sign the final papers on Tuesday, July 12th. Well guess what, the “notaire” sent me an email last Friday saying that they had to cancel my appointment because the bank hadn’t gotten back to them. Good grief Charlie Brown!

Saturday morning I woke up to an email from the bank saying that all was good and they would contact the “notaire” on Tuesday because the bank isn’t open on Mondays! How convenient. Unfortunately, my appointment is still cancelled and I am waiting for the “notaire” to get back to me. Even more ridiculous is that Thursday (14 July) is a public holiday in France and all the French people will take “le pont” on Friday and not go to work that day, either, so I am probably looking at signing everything next week.

Now, you might say, what is the big deal? It is only 1 week.

Well, this house needs a ton of work. We can’t move into it until some very necessary things get taken care of and we have to be out of our apartment the last weekend in August. This leaves us with roughly, 6 weeks to do the work. In the USA I could probably build a whole house in 6 weeks, but here, you’re lucky if you can get anyone to come out and even look at the place to give you a bid in a 6 week period! Not to mention, again, it is “les grands vacances”! I have no idea how this is going to pan out.

Everyone says to me, “In France, you have to have patience or you will go mad.” You know what, it’s so true. Even so, I am starting to go mad and I consider myself someone who has a great deal of patience.

The real work hasn’t even begun and I am stressed. What was the name of that very tasty wine someone told me about?

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