Daily Archives: July 17, 2011

Speedo Speed Walking

While on my way to the office in the morning, I came upon Mr. Speedo. I totally love how he is sporting only his diaper-like speedo, a bag for his goodies, socks and sneakers. He was super serious and really into his walking.

I guess he thinks that the less he wears, the faster he can go. It could be a possibility(?). By the time I got to my building, parked the car, went up to my office and looked out the window (just to see if he was coming my way), he had actually made it all the way up the hill, rounded the corner , had just passed my window and was heading up another street.

He might have something going there. I will, however, not be testing this theory. I don’t want to end up on someone else’s blog, thank you very much!

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