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System D

System D is what the French do when they need something to work right or go well, but have no conventional way to do it. They just kind of…… find a way. We, in the states, would call it Mickey Mousing it.

Today, Dude and I did a System D and I am quite proud of it. While I was at work today, I accidently threw an unopened bill I received into the recycle bin. Now some of you might think, “Boy, I want to do that every time a bill comes in the mail to me!” and others are thinking, “What is so big about that? Just take it out!”

Well getting it out of the recycle bin is harder than it looks. See, there is this company here called Beaver 13 Exploitation. Yes, I know, the name is weird and says nothing as to what the heck this company even does and no, they don’t exploit 13 beavers. They are in charge of coming once a month to get everything out of the recycle bin that we throw into it.

Anyway, we have this waist high box in the office made out of wood that was given to us by Beaver and you throw your recycled paper into a tiny slit in the top of the box. Once in, you can’t retrieve your stuff because the slit is too small for your hand to go through and there is a lock on the box that only the guy who comes to the office to get the recycled material has.

Problem for me cuz I need my bill back even if I don’t want it.

So what do I do? You guessed it. I yelled over to Dude to come help me fix this issue. Then our thinking caps went on.

First we grabbed a flashlight to look into the box to see if we could spot the one bill I needed amongst all the stuff I didn’t. As luck would have it, we saw it! I then tried to put my hand in the box just on the off chance it might be small enough. Didn’t happen.

So I took a quick look around the office and, as luck would have it, I had two plastic rulers on my desk. So I told Dude that we should tape the two rulers together in order to poke around in the box to find my prized bill.

I got the packing tape and did just that. Then Dude had the awesome idea to put a piece of tape on the end with the sticky side out so we could make the envelope stick to the ruler and then pull the bill out. Brilliant, I tell you.

I’m sure glad we were the only ones in the office at the time, cuz I think we looked pretty stupid all hunched over this wooden box with a flashlight and taped together rulers. But guess what! It worked! Dude was able to make the envelope stick to the tape and we pulled it right out the box! I was so excited especially after I saw who the bill was from! VIP, I tell you.

This is proof that paying attention when MacGyver is on TV is very important. I knew watching that show wasn’t a mistake.

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