Video of the New House

Ok folks, I have been telling you all about the ridiculous things Dude and I have been going through in buying our first home in France. Well, I thought that before I finish the story, I would show you what this house looks like. Here is a video that I shot today while over at the house to commence with the huge remodeling project. The film is a little shaky at times since I filmed it with my Nokia phone and it didn’t come with a steady cam (stupid).

I think that you will get the gist of the place, though. I really do love it, but it has WORK stamped in big, red letters all over it!

Fair warning to all, I probably won’t get to the rest of my story until Monday. Sorry to all who hate cliff-hangers 😦 Here’s the thing, it’s the weekend and we are beginning the remodel project and it’s only Dude and myself doing the whole, ENTIRE project. Yes, that’s right. No contractors and no help, just us two. We have to work our little butt’s off as fast as we can since we have to have it ready (or I should say “habitable”) by 31 August. That is when we need to move out of our apartment.

Also, I do work a “regular” job 50+ hours work week, so I am fighting real fatigue. I promise to have the rest of the story out asap. It does have a happy ending……..I think.

Hope you enjoy the movie. Get your popcorn and Pepsi ready and then click….

Oh, one more thing. You’all better enjoy it since it took 3 hours to upload the dang thing on You Tube because my lame, French internet connection is so slow. Ok… that’s all…and I hope you like my show 🙂


About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. I don’t have time to watch the entire video right now but it looks very nice(and spacious) from what I have seen. There is quite some work to do. Bon courage! I wonder where you find the time to post all your stories and articles every day or so!

    • Yup-very nice and spacious! More room for us = more work! I usually post very late in the evening or the wee early hours of the morning. I try to get something put up each day.
      I do work a lot of hours, too, at it is all behind a desk. I am having trouble keeping up with everything at the moment. I will be glad when stuff settles down!

  2. Very cool to actually see the house, thanks! I don’t think I’d keep the bidets either. For some reason people thought they were indispensable back in the day but I don’t see myself adding yet another step to prolong my toilet experience.

    When I saw your garden I found myself dreaming of what I’d put in there too. It seems like a perfect spot to partake in one of my favorite garden pastimes — tea time with cookies and a book! Good call on putting a fountain there one day. Gotta have a French fountain.

    Good luck with this mammoth (but totally exciting) project!

    • Corey-
      Thanks for the well wishes. I put all of them in my back pocket cuz I occasionally need them to help me through this project I’ve gotten myself into. That bidet thing is quite strange, I agree. Right now I use them to put my foot on when tying my shoes 🙂 Dude says he wants to keep them and use them as a place to wash his delicate shirts! Ha 🙂 The garden will be a spring project and I can’t wait for the fountain. I love the sound of running water, it’s so soothing! I, too, am looking forward to plopping myself down with a good book and a coffee and enjoying my time there.

  3. Your photos remind me of the great undertaking it was for a photographer, Kees Terberg, and his wife to undergo when they remodelled an old bakery to become a bed & breakfast in Les Leves et Thoumeyragues, Bordeaux….although I can’t find the photos now, he might have some here… I remember city ordinances seemed unusually strict at the time. 🙂

    • Hi Kimberly-I tried to find the photos on his FB page, but they weren’t there. On another note, his photos are really amazing! I love the fairy ones and have no idea how he did those! Thanks for sharing. I sent the link to my daughter. I think she would really like them 🙂

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