Moving Stuff

Tuesday and Thursday of last week was when we were able to move all of the stuff we had in our garage over to the new house. It took two days for two reasons: 1. We have a ton of stuff and 2. The moving van was small.

So on Tuesday, we headed over to Europcar to rent the biggest thing they had to offer which isn’t really that big, but it did the job okay. It took us around 3 hours to load as much stuff as we could possibly cram into the thing. It took a while because we had to park the van in front of our apartment complex since it was too big to get into the garage (which means the underground parking garage is REALLY dinky cuz the van was really small). So we had to constantly run up and down the stairs to go back and forth from our garage to the van to load it. Thank goodness that there was a whole gang of 3 of us to do the work!

On Thursday we did the exact same thing. Same Europecar, same scenario , same time frame and same gang. We figured that we did just fine on day 1 that we would probably do just fine on day 2. Lucky for us the weather was great both days because on Wednesday it poured!

It takes 1 hour to get from our apartment to the new house so each day we go out there we are looking at a 2 hour round trip. It seems long, but I really love the drive. It winds through some nice forests, mountains and vineyards and three small villages on the way. It is a wonderful drive (well except for the crazy, butt-hugging {as Dude calls them} drivers). Other than that, I love the peacefulness and the gorgeous view!

Once we arrived at the house, it was time to do a bit of clean up and then unload the truck. Before we could do that, however, we had to figure out how we were going to get the van through the gate. Now, I know I said the van was small, but this is by American standards, it is actually too big for these tiny roads in France and as we found out, our gate. Dude proceeded to back the van into the street and towards the gate. Once there he had to carefully maneuver it so that the sides wouldn’t scrape up my ancient stone wall (who cares about the van, my wall goes down and someone is gonna hear about it!) Then we got to the part of the side mirrors. He pushed in the side mirrors all the way flat and Tinki and I stood on either side and helped him guide the van (VERY slowly) through the gate. Guess what?? It fit, but just barely. There was only a hair left on each side to spare.

Then he was able to back the van all the way to the garage which made the unloading significantly easier than the loading. We proceeded with an assembly line method and in no time had the van unloaded. Then we divided up chores. Dude arranged all his stuff in the garage and Tinki and I took boxes up to the second story. This worked great and we were able to get all the stuff arranged and out of the way.

By the way, for the story of what happened on Thursday go two paragraphs up (it was pretty much like the movie Groundhog Day) the exact same thing happened and I won’t bore you with making you read it again! I swear when Thursday came around it really felt like déjà vu (French pun intended)

After all our stuff was out of the van, we decided to take some of the furniture out of the house that 1) either we didn’t want and 2) was crap and no one would want so it was going to the dump!

All the crappy stuff was either stair-surfed down to the ground floor or thrown out the third story window (literally- I took a video short of it-you can click on it below) and loaded up into the van. On our way home we were going to find a dump to take it to. The other things we sat outside the gate near the side of the road and put a sign on them saying everything was for free and to please take them. Now this works like a charm in America, but I was uncertain if the French would go for it. Well, they proved me wrong in about, like, 10 minutes! They dove in like vultures, I tell you! It was amazing that stuff was gone so fast that you’d had though it was gold! I am glad, though, because if something is still good, but YOU happen to not want it any more, I think some else could always benefit from it.

So with that, we had a small accomplishment and it felt really good. Things seemed to be looking up and we were starting to get excited about our country home. I was hoping all the other things we needed to do would work out too!


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