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Let The Remodel Begin

Day number 3 out at the house was day number 1 for moving all the rest of the furniture (that we were keeping) down from the third story and out of the kitchen and putting it in the living room. The living room/terrace is the one room in the house that needs minimal work. By that, I mean, a good cleaning and paint. Since it is not in need of too much repair we will most likely get to it after we move in. So for now, it is a storage room.

So Dude and I set out to move this ridiculously heavy antique furniture. We were quickly bummed out, though. We realized that most of it had been infested with wood worm. These little guys aren’t gonna  to bother us humans, but in doing some quick research, we found that they are devastating to wood furniture and they are especially partial to antiques. Now we had to decide what to do. I desperately wanted to keep the stuff since it was super nice, but we needed to isolate it and treat it.

We began by inspecting each piece and if there were troubling signs we took the piece down to the apartment which Dude now refers to it as “the isolation room”. If the furniture looked fine, then we put it out onto the terrace. Inspecting the pieces, taking them apart (ie..drawers, doors and marble tops) so they wouldn’t be so dang heavy and then moving them, took the majority of the day. You definitely don’t realized how much work moving furniture is until you are only 2 people doing it. We could have busted that out in about 2 hours had we had a gang of movers with us!

Once all the pieces were moved and /or isolated, Dude set out to rip out the carpet on the third story and I set out to take of the wallpaper in the kitchen.

Of course, we found more problems. Dude found out that the bozos that put the carpet in decided that they were gonna use all the glue that the world had to offer and glue every bit of it to the concrete floors.  It was a disaster. The glue was everywhere and in thick layers. They had actually put it down with a trowel! Good grief, these people want this carpet to last until Buck Rodgers came into town!

Meanwhile, I was having the same issue with the wallpaper in the kitchen. I think the same bozos were hired to put it up because they glued it to the walls without prepping them! This meant that I could only peel off the top layer and it left the bottom layer still stuck to the walls.

Going back to Dude, he was upstairs just frustrated because of the amount of work it was going to take to get the glue up. In his frustration he was cussin’ up a storm and throwing the really gross (not taken care of for 40 years) carpet out the third story window. As you can tell by now, we like pitching stuff out the window. Great stress relief, in case you want to try it!

He then comes down stairs and sees that not only will we have to scrape glue of the floors, but do the same thing to the walls. We were looking at DAYS worth of work.

Unfortunately, we also found out that these glue-happy guys had carpeted the master bedroom on the second floor, too, and they had wall papered the hallway and all the way down the stairs to the main floor. Dang I hate glue!

Because the bugged furniture moving had taken so much time, and the issues with the carpet and wallpaper, it had gotten late and we needed to pack it in for the night.

Tomorrow we would have to tackle how we were gonna get all the gunk off. When getting home we had to figure out what product to buy in GALLONS to get rid of our nasty wood worms.

Welcome to renovations in Provence. I think I should have read Peter Maylee a few more times. Like I said, stupid Americans…..

If you want to see more photos of Day 1 remodel, they appear on Flickr in the set named “Moving and Renovation of the New House”. To get there just click on the “More Photos” option under Recent Pictures.

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