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The House Made of Glue

LeRoy Merlin is beginning to be our second home. I swear I have been there so many times in the last three weeks, that I know where just about everything is in the store. By the time this project is over, I could work there!

On this day we again found ourselves in the tool department. After both the Metabo and “Clee Scraper” failed us, we were on the hunt for something else. For some odd reason we just couldn’t let this go. To be defeated by something as insignificant as glue, would put the Vikings to shame and I wasn’t about to go there.

Dude decided he was going to find something more along the lines of a disc grinder. Maybe the round blade and circular motion at high speed would take that gunk off. As usual, when you get that man in the tool aisle, you’re headed for a long duration of looking at the same 3 to 5 tools over and over again while he tries to decide which one to buy. Unfortunately, all I can do is stand there and take it cuz I have no idea what any of this stuff is and which one will work the best.

So I just stand around checking out all the hot guys who are in the tool section. Just kidding. I wanted to be sure you were paying attention.

After about 3 hours (with this, I’m not kidding) Dude had his eye on a Hitachi brand disc grinder. I was like, “Cool. Buy it, Dude. Let’s go”. Guess what?? This thing comes in like 3 different sizes at the store so now I have to wait to see what size he wants to get! Ahhh!  Now he had to decide between a 4, a 7 and a 9 inch.

I think we’re gonna be here a bit longer.

I was getting an education in an area where I didn’t really want one. It’s kind of like sitting in Math class at school. Yup, that about sums it up for me.

So now Dude goes back and forth between the grinder wheel sizes cuz he needs the right size in order to choose the grinder and the right grit for the floor. He can choose between 40 grit and 80 grit. Now, I want to know why 80 grit is less harsh than 40. Why would they do math backwards? It should be, the higher the grit the more harsh it is. More confusion, but at least if some cute guy comes by I can bust out with, “Hey, I’m buying this Hitachi 9 inch disc grinder and I think I’d like to go with 40 grit grinder wheel. What do you think?”

Cute guy would be like, “Wow! A chick that knows her tools!” Hey folks, I got to get some fun out this.

While I’m having my fantasies about being a no-it-all, Dude finally decides on the Hitachi he wants. Cool for me, it comes is a nice purple color. As least I come away happy. Purple is my favorite color in the whole wide world. I’m claiming this tool for my own.

Off to the house we go to try out the “most beautiful tool” we own.

Once at the house, Dude gets all suited up and goes off to try out the grinder. I stayed downstairs working on clean up cuz this thing made the most awful noise imaginable and gave off a smell like something nasty was burning. I couldn’t take. Wimp, I tell you.

About 15 minutes later, Dude comes downstairs unsuited and say, “It didn’t work”. Well that’s a big surprise! When we first bought it, I tried to keep my enthusiasm at a minimum (except for the color). I was going to be the pessimist this time, that way if it didn’t work I wouldn’t be too disappointed. I think by now, Dude was feeling the same. Apparently, this thing got so hot that it would melt the glue but not take it off. The wheel would just skim over the top of the stickiness. Also, it chipped off part of the wheel! There were little pieces of it scattered throughout the room. That sure is helpful.

So guess what?? That disc grinder went right back into its box and we set it next to the Metabo. Oh well, I know we’ll find use for these guys some place else during this project.

Meanwhile, I had been downstairs testing out the glue in the master bedroom and you wanna know what I found? It was different than the glue upstairs, at least for the most part. I was able to use cold water and leave it set on the glue and then go across it with a rag and it was bringing nearly all of it up! Thank goodness for those guys running out of the harsh stuff.

So Dude and I decided that this day we would be taking up the glue in the master bedroom. We sported our masks and went to work. By the way, Dude has the really cool looking mask that works stupendously and I have a crappy, cheap one so I have to tape the sides and top so no air and particles come through.

By the way, the piece of tape between my eyebrows was not altogether necessary, I just thought I would get some waxing in to. Who knew that electrical tape could be so multifunctional.

Dude totally looks like a storm trooper knock-off. He was killing me!










By the end of the day, we had managed to get up all the glue off of the master bedroom floor! Score one for us. The only trouble we had was the foot and a half of glue that was next to the outside wall. For some reason, that glue was like the stuff upstairs and it had to be scraped by hand. Dude stuck to it, though and we had it all cleaned up. It looks like we are at least going to be able to tile this room. Yippey!

Bye the way, when I got home, I received a message from my cousin’s husband (who happens to read my blog occasionally-gotta love family support). Apparently he has noticed our glue issue and recommended a tool that he used on his floor that had glued down carpet. Unfortunately, you can only get the tool in the states and they don’t ship to France. Unlucky us. But my cousin’s husband said he would ship us a couple. They are on their way. Lucky us! I hope it works as good for us as it did for him. You all know you’re gonna hear about it, right?


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