Extreme Materials – Amongst Other Things

Today was the big day. By that I mean, big truck, big materials and big money spent.

We started the day out by picking up our large truck from ADA at 10:30 am. I know, late start, but hey, we’re on Latin time. The nice lady at ADA new exactly who we were cuz she said she recognized my accent. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, but she at least understood what I wanted! We inspected our ‘camion’ and signed our life away for it. Thing to do number one……..check.

Off to LeRoy Merlin. Now, I know that I said I was much happier at Point P. The thing is, Dude was happier with the prices at LeRoy. He said by buying our items there we would save a few hundred dollars. Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great thing indeed, but it was still a problem for me cuz I hated giving my hard earned cash to non-helpful people. If I was rich, I would have just gone over to Point P and given those helpful guys my money. I was in a pretty bad mood at LeRoy’s and it got worse when we were trying to get all of our items and still, no one would help us.

We drove our truck around the extreme materials section and proceeded with the loading. We needed 17 sheets of regular drywall, 3 sheets of hydro (greenboard) drywall, 50 metal studs, 20 rails (the studs and rails were for framing the drywall), lots of insulation, 8 large bags of morter, 1 bag of regular drying joint compound, 1 bag of fast drying joint compound, 1 tub of topper finish coat and 52 large bricks.

For all of this loading , it was just me and Dude. Seriously. No one came over to help. Here’s one guy and a lady and not one of these guys could say, “Could I help you?” What the heck do these workers do all day! At Point P someone would have helped.

Now ladies (and some guys out there) have you ever had to lift, carry and load full sheets of drywall before? These things are seriously heavy and Dude and I had to lift them off the shelf, carry them to the truck and load them in one at a time! This took forever because my name is not Wonder Woman even though I would like it to be.

Then we got down to getting the metal studs and rails. The studs were hooked together with metal ties and I needed someone to come over and cut them so I could get the amount I wanted. You have to be really careful around these things because they are super sharp and will really slice your hand up. So I walked over to Mr. NonHelpful and let him know what I needed. Do you know what he did? Instead of grabbing the special cutters needed and following me out to do the job, he just handed me the cutters and said when I was done to bring them back! That is a load of junk, I tell you! A woman with no gloves and needing assistance to cut metal and he just hands me the cutters and goes back talking to his coworker, Mr. NonHelpful 2. What ever!

So after that, Dude and I finished getting all the materials we needed and we headed over to pay the big bucks. I have to hand it to Dude we did save quite a bit of money, but I was still mad about giving it to these guys. By now it was nearly 1pm (that’s how long it takes when you have strong man with weak woman and no Mr. Helpfuls around). We were behind the schedule that I had set out for us that morning. Oh well, at least we got everything we needed. Thing to do number two……..check.










Off we went barreling down the country road with all our goods. When we made it to the house we were like the unloading bandits. You should have seen us in action. We were obviously better at unloading than we were loading. The only really hard part came when we had to take the sheets of drywall (one by one and each weighing a ton) up the stairs. I thought I was gonna die, no lie! You can’t hold them flat you have to turn them on their sides and that folks makes them quite difficult to carry when going up steep stairs. We ended up taking 10 up to the second story and leaving 10 in the garage for another day because by now we were running behind my schedule again. See the rental car place closed at 6:30pm and I wanted to have the truck back to them that night just to make it easier on us. Well, the unload was now complete, at least. Thing to do number three……..check.

We needed to run over to Point P to get some more joint compound and some roofing material. We headed out and found that they were temporarily out of the joint compound, but they did have the roofing material we needed so we bought 9 sheets of it. This is for a little section of roof just above the apartment bathroom that no one sees so we weren’t about to go all luxurious with it. It was here that we ran into a little snag. Michael’s bank card and mine decided not to work anymore. I got nervous thinking that possibly there is a daily limit to what you can spend and we surpassed that with getting the truck and materials at LeRoy’s. Good thing Dude has a spare card for emergencies (which he considered this to be) and we got our goods. Thing to do number four……..check.

Back to the house to unload more stuff and to use our rental truck  to hall a bunch more crap we needed to get rid of to the dump. Yay, another fieldtrip! You would not believe the amount of junk we needed to throw away due to this major remodel job. We had old carpet, old wood, old appliances, old metal, old furniture and Dude broke apart the wooden wall of the shed cuz he is going to make a new one out of the bricks we just bought. So that went into the rental, too. We had that truck filled pretty good by the time we were done. I just hoped we could clean it out really good before we gave it back! By now it was 5:00pm and we were a half hour behind schedule. Get in and go! That’s what we did. Thing to do number five……..check.

So now, we are barreling down the road heading towards the dump. I called the rental place to double check what time they closed. The nice lady said 6:30pm on the dot. That didn’t leave us much time to unload all this stuff, clean out the truck, put gas in it and get it back. Dude started driving so fast that I was actually hyperventilating. I got really scared and held on so tight to the door that I seriously had white knuckles. These little country roads are small and windy and I am not ashamed to say that I was terrified.

We finally made it to my favorite dump without an accident. (You go Dude. A+ driving.) This place is cool and the people are nice. We sorted all our stuff into the appropriate bins and left all the stuff that needed to be smashed and burned for the end. That’s my favorite part. It’s actually really cool to see. Once all of it was unloaded we got to work on cleaning out the truck. It was a complete mess in the back and I wanted to leave no traces. We swept and cleaned and actually got it looking pretty good. Off we went to put some gas in it. Thing to do number six……..check.

We now had 40 minutes to get gas and make it to ADA and we were exactly 40 minutes away! I hoped there would be no hang-ups at the gas station. Wrong. When we arrived, there was a line! I told Dude that we had only 20 minutes to get gas and to get to ADA. We were still quite a ways away. So while Dude was filling the tank I was preparing to pay. What a team. Now, with the rental your only suppose to put in the amount of gas that you use. This stupid truck didn’t tell you the truth and we were sitting there just guessing. Then Dude accidently turned on the truck while he was filling it with gas so he could check the gauge and it jerked forward and scared the bageemies outta me! We finally just decided to call it quits, paid and flew outta there like a rocket. Thing to do number seven……..check.

Every 3 minutes I was telling Dude how much time we had left and he was seriously haulin’ buns by now. In between the times I was telling him that we weren’t going to make it, I called the bank to find out why we were getting jacked around with our cards not working. The bank lady assured us, in a very nice way, that all was good. It was the stupid store’s fault! I swear nothing like someone else trying to give you a heart attack for no reason. I can manage just fine with that by the enjoyment of eating unhealthy foods. At least I had a great time while waiting for my heart attack to come on!  Well, we finally made it to the town where we rented the truck and we had only 5 minutes left. You aren’t gonna believe this but we slid in the gate with that thing at 6:30pm on the dot! Go team! Even ADA was impressed. Thing to do number eight……..check.

We felt so good about our day that we decided to continue it and made another stop at LeRoy Merlin to pick up some plastic wrap and a few more items before they closed for the night.

Then we headed over to the market to do some grocery shopping. That was awesome since we were both dirty and sweaty. I felt the waters part as we walked down the aisle throwing items in our cart. I figure that might be the way to go if you are in a crowded store and you want to get out in a hurry. Just go smelly and dirty and you might get her done in record time.

By the time we got home it was nearly 10pm. Boy were we exhausted, but we felt great because we finally got a bunch of things accomplished all on the same day! Freakin’ miracle I tell you. Finally something went right for a change 🙂

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I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. I can not believe you had to load and unload all that by yourselves. You won’t be needing a gym! We have a point P in our town and they are more expensive (but nicer), too.

    • I wasn’t sore that day, but I do have to admit that all that lifting got to me the next day! My arms were so sore. It was in that moment I wish that I would have been going to a gym. That moment passed by the next day, though 🙂 Not a gym person! I hope all the heavy stuff is done!

  2. Well you definitely put in a full day’s work; good job! Unfortunately even at Home Depot in the United States they won’t help you load dry or 2 x 4s, something about their insurance prohibits their employees from doing this because they might get hurt.

    • Wow, I am totally surprise with the Home Depot! My husband used to work there ages ago (he set up two of their stores and was the Dept. Manager of Electrical). When he worked there, all the employees helped the customers! Boy has times changed.

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