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The Gopher, Clean-up Supervisor

Today was the day we really went to town with punching holes all over the dang place in this house. The house needed to be upgraded somewhat with some new electrical, phone and data lines, and Dude wanted wiring for surround sound, too. Oh why not have it all when you pretty much gotta start from scratch anyway. We needed to run everything from the garage and go up through the ceiling of the garage into the second story and keep going up to the third story.

After that, all the wiring needed to be run in the kitchen, master bedroom, library and Tinki’s room.

This meant that we drilled large holes in the ceiling of the garage which leads up to the master bedroom that now how a large hole in the floor, up through the ceiling of the master bedroom which now also has a large whole, and then finally ending up in Tinki’s room which now has a large hole in the floor, too.

After that we proceeded to run the flex line through the “hole” autoroute we just drilled for. This was no easy task since we had to get a lot of flex lines into each of the holes and we had to keep going back and forth drilling (we found more uses for that Metabo) and chiseling and making the holes wider so that we could run all the lines we needed. Everything is made out of concrete, rock and large wooden beams so this was a big pain just like all the other tasks we have had to do.

When the lines were finally ran we were able to get to work on drilling holes in the wall that separates the Master bedroom and the kitchen.

So now, besides the holes in the floors and ceilings, we have four large holes in the wall separating the two rooms so we can run the flex lines through them from the master bedroom to all the stuff in the kitchen. I sure hoped this house was going to make it through all the holes we were creating. We had enough stupid cracks in the structure already and didn’t need any more!

I was pretty confident about the floor holding (with all the glue still on them), but with the walls, I was a little unsure.

Before we could finish running the flex lines, however, we needed to go frame one wall in the kitchen. Just like the day before it was loud and noisy with the metal studs, rails and drilling. This time, though, we were prepared thanks to keeping all the tools and supplies together (you’re welcome Dude) cuz mostly that’s my job. My new name is “Gopher” cuz that’s pretty much what I do all day. Oh, and I’m the clean-up crew, as well.

I did get to drive a few screws into the framing, but it was difficult so I petered out and let Dude continue on with it. I am too much of a wimp for stuff like that. I prefer to watch him do the work while telling him how to do it. I figure I am a pure genius at that so I will stick to it as much as possible. Might as well do what you are good at, right?

Once we were done with the framing, we had to go upstairs to snap a line (look at me go with that construction lingo). We needed to know where we were going to place the large rods for hanging the clee on the side of the house to pull it together and hopefully stop the crack from getting any larger.

How we got stuck with this job is cuz Mr. Professional gave us a bid for 10 000 Euros to do it way back after we signed the “compromis”, but before we signed all the final paperwork and we were like, “Heck no!”

Dude said he could do it himself and we were not gonna spend that kind of money. Now, the reason I believed Dude could run a 12 meter long rod and tie a clee to it (and told him he had my permission to do it) is that he has been in construction longer than we have been married (which is a long time) and he can do just about anything when it comes to the construction trade even thought he has never done it before. So I said, “Go for it, Dude. I will supervise.” Remember, that’s what I’m good at.

If on the other hand, Dude had never picked up a tool in his life I would have said, “Get out your check book and pay up cuz you’d screw it all up big time”. I would have really said that to him too, cuz I am someone who just tells it like it is. If you ever meet my brother –in-law, George, just ask him. He will say it’s true cuz he always comments to me that I do that.

Anyway, there we were in the library and Tinki’s room snappin’ a line to get ready for the next big day of drilling. Dude was so worried about the huge holes he was going to put into the side of the house that he couldn’t stop talking about whether it was a good idea to do it or just leave it alone.

Between you and me, if I had to snap that line then he needs to just get over it and make the big decision. I’m the supervisor and I just tell him what to do AFTER he makes the decision.  See, that’s how it works here. That way, I don’t get in trouble only he does 🙂

So after we snapped the line, guess what?? You got it! We drilled another large hole in the wall. This time it was the wall between the library and Tinki’s room cuz that was where that large 12 meter rod was going. I hoped that I wouldn’t come back the next day and the house was in ruins.

Well, another day of work was finished and we kept telling ourselves how behind schedule we were. I don’t think I want a schedule any more. It’s not working anyway……






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