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Let’s Hear It For Fashion, Dude

Dude loves the Fashion TV channel that they have here in France. He watches that channel (along with Luxe.TV-I do like that one) every freakin’ day! He calls the Fashion TV network a mindless way to pass your time. He’s got a lot of mindless time on his hands! He says he watches it cuz they have interesting stuff on there. Yaah, right! They’re called “Babes”.

I don’t really care for the channel. I think that most of the people that are interviewed on it are a bit too strange and the clothes they show on the fashion show runways are clothes you would NEVER see anybody wear. Granted there are the few and far between fashion shows that have some great stuff, but 99% of what they show is just crap, although, it does provide super funny entertainment now and again. It has given us quite a few laughs, I’ll admit. Especially cuz their tag line is “F People”. They say it all the time and it’s absolutely hilarious! I don’t think they consulted any English speakers on that one. The first time our 15 year old daughter heard them say it, she laughed for half an hour.

So the other day while Dude was being mindless, he actually found a designer that he liked. He told me that he was going to buy some of his items for winter. I told him that the stuff was great if he were in Scandinavia and was trying to bring out his Viking heritage.

Here is the stuff he raved about (and he was serious, too, folks). The guys name is John Galliano:

So, I have to admit the guy is creative but he is also a bit weird, big surprise.

Here’s the problem (for Dude). He is now banned from buying anything this guy sells cuz just the other day John Galliano made headlines in Paris. What did he do?? He was making racial slurs. Big no-no. Now, cuz of that, he isn’t getting any of my hard earned money. I’m sure that’s just gonna break him and he will call me personally to apologize.

Well, now poor Dude has to have some more mindless time cuz now he has to find a new designer to buy from so he can be all chic and French. That’s what he says, anyway. I’m not so sure about that. We live in the French countryside, he would definitely be the only one wearing this stuff especially since the people in Paris don’t even wear this stuff!

Go on with you bad self, Dude. The Fashion TV channel is calling your name. And yes, that’s a tag line too. I don’t really feel that way 🙂

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