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Musical Branches

A few weekends back Dude and I cleaned up the garden. In doing so we kind of created a big mess that we had to leave for the trash men. Most of that trash we were able to put into trash bags and set out on the curb, but some of it was a bunch of leaves and branches from when Dude gave our fir trees their haircuts. Those we tied up into bundles and left them on the side of the yard.

That night we set one of the bundles out as an experiment to see if the trash man would pick it up. To our surprise, the next morning we checked and guess what?? The trash man actually picked it up! This was great news for us cuz we had 4 more large bundles to put out there.

So the next night we set the rest of the bundles out there with the trash. Guess what?? The trash man didn’t bother with picking them up so we still had 4 bundles sitting out front. Now the best part is that our house sits back from the main road so we actually put them in front of our neighbor’s house. Boy were we surprised when we left for an outing the next day and those huge bundles were still sitting there. I felt so bad cuz I can just imagine our neighbors leaving the next morning going “What the heck is all this crap at my front door?” It happened to be a Saturday morning, too, when everyone and their mother came to town due to the open market. I told Dude that he had better bring them in cuz the next day was Sunday and the trash man for sure wouldn’t be picking them up.

Well, Dude forgot. So the next day when leaving the house what did we see?? Those 4 bundles sitting in front of our neighbor’s house! Boy was I embarrassed!

Dude said he was just going to leave them there cuz the next day was trash pick-up and the trash men would collect them this time. Do you know what?? They didn’t.

Now we were running a record for leaving trash in front of our neighbor’s house. The bundles were pretty noticeable, too!  That night Dude and I looked around the neighborhood to see where the trash cans were to put your garden trash. There had to be something. We weren’t the only ones who had a garden. In fact, there are other people in town who have even bigger yards than us. What the heck do they do with their stuff??

So we were destined to leave it out there again in hopes that the trash man would “have room” in his truck this time.

Tuesday morning rolled around and you got it, the big 4 bundles were still there! I can’t believe that these guys would just leave it lying around especially after they took the first bundle! I also can’t believe we didn’t get a nasty letter from our neighbors! They just let that stuff stay there like it was a Christmas decoration or something.

Dude had the bright idea that maybe Thursday was the day that the trash man picked up garden trash since it was a Thursday that they happened to pick up our one bundle. So he said, “Let’s just leave it out there for the Thursday pick-up. That should do it.”

Well I guess our neighbors would have to live with their side walk decoration for a couple of more days.

Well today, Friday morning, that dang stuff was still littering the streets! Those dumb trash men just can’t get their act together. I’m surprised that all the birds in town hadn’t made nest out of it! So tonight Dude said to me, “Come on. There is a large city trash can on the other side of town. We’re gonna go put it in there.” So there we were, Dude walking down the street with two large bundles and I with a sack of recycle stuff.

The trash cans happen to be by some apartments and Dude didn’t want anyone to see us so he decides to walk around the back of the building. The problem is that there is a small path back there and on one side there is a metal fence and on the other there is a stairwell. Dude, in his “let’s be real quiet like” mode, gets himself hooked up between the fence and the stairwell and he is making all kinds of racket. He’s pretty much playing music all down the side of the fence with those bundles of branches. I, meanwhile, start busting up. I simply couldn’t contain myself and I just starting giggling which in turn, becomes full on laughing. It’s really late and here we are trying to be quiet and not draw attention to ourselves and Dude is playing music with two large tree bundles and I am cracking up and trying not to drop my bag of recycled material (which would only create more noise).

We finally made it to the trash cans and got rid of two of our bundles. Back we went to retrieve our last two bundles and back we went through the small path behind the apartments. This time it was me that decided to play music on the fence! Good grief, no one hire us to be thieves cuz it just won’t happen!

Then right at the edge of the apartment complex, just before we could make the mad dash to the trash cans, there were all these people coming around the corner in the parking lot. Dude just drops the stuff in the bushes and takes off! I’m like, “What the heck! What are we doing?” Dude’s all, “People are coming! Leave it here and I will go back for it!”

There I go again, cracking up. We are such goof offs that it is ridiculous. Happy to say, all worked out and all the bundles are now in a trash can ready to be picked-up. Thank goodness! I can’t believe what we had to go through just to get rid of some branches. I will remember this for next time.

Then going back to our house guess who we saw?? Our neighbors coming out of their front door. We just walked on by and pretended not to notice that their Christmas decoration wasn’t there anymore. I think it worked!



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