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I love the town of Roussillon. The few times that we’ve gone there I always take advantage of the hike through the Ochre Trail. It’s cool and refreshing and the colors that surround you are like no other.

Since enjoying the Ochre hiking trails back in 2004, the town has changed it up a bit. One used to be able to go around more areas and even climb on some of the cliffs. No longer can you do this. I was a bit sad at not having the chance to see as much of the trails and cliffs as I used to, but I do understand the reasoning. With so many people climbing and playing on the cliffs it causes them to erode faster and that would mean less time in the future to see these beautiful wonders of the world.

I love it here. The walk is so peaceful and there are many areas where one can sit and just gaze out at the cliffs and enjoy the breathtaking beauty. You could seriously stay all day. Bring a book and a camera and you got it made! There is a modest entry fee of around 2,50 Euros, but well worth it! During the year it’s open almost every day except for when the weather is extremely bad. There is no time limit to be there so make the most of the hike. It’s fun for all ages, too. You might want to bring extra clothes and shoes for small children as the clay will get everywhere!

One can also visit the Colour Conservatory that gives guided tours and informs you on everything Ochre related. They also offer classes and workshops throughout the year. I have yet to take advantage of this, but plans are in the works.

Take some time out to visit the town, as well. The colors of the village houses and buildings are due to the Ochre used in painting them. It’s magnificent! The town is cozy and quaint and there are many areas from where you can get a terrific view of the valley.  There are some great restaurants with absolutely brilliant hilltop views, too.

You will need to pay for parking unless you park really far away and plan on hiking it to the town so bring your change with you. In spring and summer it’s very busy with buses of tourist and locals alike enjoying the scenery.

The few times we have venture to Roussillon I marvel at how truly beautiful this village and the Ochre Trail really are. It never gets old.

If you want to see more photos of Roussillon they appear on Flickr. To get there just click on the “More Photos” option under Photos on Flickr.

If you’ve been there I would love to know what your favorite part is. Have you been to the Colour Conservatory? If so, is it worth it?

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