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Share and Share Alike

Well, I have to give a big, giganto shout out to Keith Eckstein. Today my blog was mentioned on his site (and boy was it a HUGE mention) and I am totally thrilled and consider myself fortunate that my babblings for therapy were noticed. I couldn’t belived all that Keith wrote about me and my snippets. I think he put more words and energy into writing about me and my blog than I do myself! I better get with it! I truly feel loved an appreciated and just plain happy. Thanks so much Keith you made my year and I sincerely mean that 🙂

Keith’s site is called A Taste of Garlic and to quote in his own words, “I review, share and promote other people’s Life in France experiences as described in their own blogs and websites”.

Keith has been blogging for a couple of years now and I have to say I have gotten a wealth of information and a whole list of blogs that I love to read thanks to his site which is filled to the brim with more “anything and everything French” than you can possible imagine. He site has achieved the popularity that would make all bloggers jealous and rightly so. It is tout simplement, amazing.

His reviews of blogs and sites also extends to French Books that are a must read, links to French Market Days, French Public Holidays (very important to know), French Saints Days (in case you were wondering what to name that new baby of yours) and the best Gites in Brittany, amongst other things.

Also, in honor of the fact that Keith and I both have an affinity to that wonderful car called the 2CV, I have posted a new picture of one that I took the other day while flying down the autoroute. Here’s to you Keith, thanks for the mention.

Please check out A Taste of Garlic. Warning: you could be there for hours due to ridiculous amount of info and fun you will have. You can also find it in my blogroll, if you choose to go that route.

Happy reading and I hope you have as much fun as I do and maybe you’ll even find a few blogs that will tickle your fancy!

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