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Putting Some Finishing Touches On – Well, Sort Of

Today I had wanted to have an outing. I didn’t have any particular place in mind that I wanted to go. I just wanted a day away from renovation before the weather really turns nasty.

Unfortunately, I woke to the dreariness of dark clouds and looming rain. I took a quick look at the weather online and it told me in no uncertain terms that it was going to rain all afternoon. Dang. Why does it have to be on the weekend?! I could care less about nasty weather days when I have to go to work, but please, the weekend? Someone up there needs to get his priorities straight!

So instead of my sight-seeing trip I took the opportunity to make a quick run to the market. For some odd reason, Casino has decided that they are now going to be open on Sundays until noon. That doesn’t seem very French of them, but it’s convenient. I normally don’t go to the market on Sundays. With all stores open in the states every day of the week I’m actually the rare person who likes the fact that on Sundays everything is closed. It seems “traditional”.

Today, I did bend the rules and headed out for a couple of items. It seems that the French are totally excited about the fact that they can actually shop for a few hours on Sundays, cuz this store was packed! I swear it was near impossible to find a parking spot. Who would have thought?

So I headed in, fought my way around to find my 12 items and then proceeded to find the shortest line possible to get outta there. You know, on a Sunday morning with limited time, the French tend to drive their shopping carts like they do their cars. They run into you, cut in front of you and park the cart right smack in the middle of the aisle and don’t even bother to move when they see that you’re coming and need to get through. Maybe this idea of shopping on a Sunday morning wasn’t such a brilliant idea.

I finally made it out of the store and back home. Since my day was ruined by the weather, Dude and I just decided to continue on with the renovation. For me I was limited, though, which is another reason why I needed a day out. See, the other day while continuing to scrape the glue off of the floor (no Adrian and George the scraper blades for the Milwaukee saw didn’t work, but thanks for sending them our way it was worth a shot), I ended up doing something to my arm just near the elbow and now I have only limited use of it until it heals. I have no idea what I did, but it was enough to keep me up most of the night in pain and I’ve been having trouble picking up and holding anything that has even a small amount of weight like a full glass of water. I just can’t do it. So now I’m sort of outta commission which made my day kind of boring.

We are still fooling around with dry wall mud and finish and are on like our 6th coat for the second story. Well, Dude said we needed to put another coat on in the hallway, kitchen and the downstairs walls. So guess what my job was today??? I got to hold the stupid spot light (with my good arm) like I was a human Statue of Liberty or something. Yup, folks, all day I just stood around and held this light so Dude could put the finish coat on the walls. I’m talking hours people. The plus side is I found another job that I really wouldn’t do for a living. I hope my arm heals soon cuz to be quite honest I didn’t really have any fun. The day just trudged by. I think I would rather have gone back to the market and fought with the French over a cheese wheel instead of being lamp girl all day.

On the bright side, the master bedroom is now ready for primer paint. Yippey! Now all we need to do is get the hallway, stairwells, kitchen and 3rd bedrooms ready for primer. Okay so we still have far to go, but at least getting the master bedroom done is a step in the right direction.

Hopefully my arm will heal before the next round so I can feel a little more productive than I did today. I also hope the weather is nicer next weekend (the weather site said it was, so they better be right) cuz I’m getting closer and closer to losing it. We’ve been doing the same exact thing in this house for months now and it’s time to move on in my book, even if it’s just putting on primer I would be jumping for joy. Also, the smell of drywall mud is starting to get to me.

Well, next on the list, more finish work. Unfortunately, that stuff smells just as bad as dry wall mud!

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