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Post A Week 2011 Challenge-I’ve Got To Be Crazy!

Well, I’ve done it again. I’ve gone and over extended myself. For those of you who know me personally, that is the story of my life. For those of you who don’t, here is a quick excerpt:

Marriage at 18, followed by 4 kids (boom, boom, boom, boom), coupled with Dude having two jobs to support us through the majority of our marriage, me getting first college degree and graduating while 6 months pregnant with our third child, buying a total fixer-upper that Dude had to remodel while working two jobs, selling that remodel to move to a bigger house (once kid number 4 came along), then having a baby for my brother-in-law and his wife (proud to say I gave birth to my own niece!), going to college to get two more degrees when our youngest was 5, selling that house in 2003 to up and move our whole family to France for one year to study which turned into two years of study cuz I loved it so much, moved back to the states to finish up my degree (meaning driving to college 3 hours round trip per day 3 days a week to take 6 college classes), all while doing two internships and taking care of 4 children who happened to be going to 4 different schools at the time and involved in every sort of extra-curricular activity possible, followed by graduation, part -time work turning into full time work, getting laid off, moving our entire family to San Diego for a new job, followed by moving to France with Dude and Tinki for work, followed by purchasing major fixer-upper in Provence while trying to run an office here.

Now aside from that being the longest sentence in the world, there is so much in between stuff that would take a novel to write about! Even reading the highlights back makes me tired.

The over extension part this time comes with me taking the “Post A Week 2011” challenge by The Daily Post. They also have a “Post A Day 2011” challenge which I could have very well signed up for, but thought that I would take it a little slower (which as you can see is so unlike me).

I think I’m up for the challenge and it seems like fun. We’ll see what happens for next year, maybe I will upgrade to the next challenge! Now THAT would be like me!



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