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Date Night

One or two nights out of the week, Dude and I have to camp out at the office (again with the camping). I’ve done more camping in this last year in France than I’ve done all the times before in my whole life.

Now by “camping” I don’t mean in the woods, with a tent/trailer and a fire pit. I mean on the floor in a sleeping bag for the first 2 months we lived in France before our furniture arrived, now in the new house for the past month and still counting, and in the office for who knows how long. All our belongings are either in boxes at the house or in bags when we campout at the office.

For our office campout we have sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses (they bite the big one, though, and aren’t very good) and we bring our little bag of food, toiletries and clothes for the next day. It’s not too bad, we do have a bathroom (thank goodness), a fridge and a coffee maker. We also have central heating and air-conditioning so that makes up for the crappy inflatable mattresses.

The reason we do this is to save money and time on driving. The office is a good 2 hour round trip each day from our new house and it just seems better money and time wise to stay.

Most of the time I end up working till the late hours of the night any way cuz our home office is located in California. At 17H each night when I’m ready to leave here in France, our home office opens and I always have people there I need to speak to and/or email. Staying at the office means I can get that done without interruption.

Well, last night was one of our nights to stay. Lucky for us the weather here has maintained its fantasticness (is that a word?) So Dude and I decided to go out on a date (I had to look that word up in the dictionary cuz I forgot what it meant) and headed out to Cassis for dinner.


As I said, the weather here has been so marvelous that I feel bad for others living in areas where they’re freezing their tootsies off. It’s tough not to say, “Na Na Nana Na” to that, but I don’t want karma to come back and kick me in the butt.

Well, we managed to arrive in Cassis just as sunset was upon us and the sight of it was absolutely stunning! Before dinner we took a walk out past the marina and over by the little lighthouse. We were amazed that hardly anyone was around. What the heck is wrong with these locals, this weather isn’t going to last forever, ya know!

As it got dark we headed back over to restaurant row on the other side of the port and took a look around and read all the menus of the places to eat. We finally settled upon one that’s located way at the end of the port that looked cozy, but didn’t have too many people dinning called La Paillote. We decided to dine outside instead of inside and both of us choose the Pâtes au Basilic. It was absolutely terrific. It was so good that I even used the remains of my baguette to wipe up the sauce.

For desert I had a terrific Mousse au Chocolat and Dude had a combination tray of Glace Framboise et Chocloat. Boy, was I stuffed. The remaining time we people watched and relished in the fact that we were enjoying a beautiful night and NOT working on the house.


All in all we had a pretty terrific time of relaxation, which we don’t get very often, and I relearned the word “date” so not too shabby for one day!

I did snap back to reality pretty quick when we headed back to the office for the night’s campout, but oh well, c’est ma vie a la francaise!

Oh, I think I might have found my new kitchen, too. It was in a little store we passed on our way back to the car. I think it might look nice and it was really cheap. Unfortunately the picture didn’t come out too good since it was so dark. I don’t know, what you think? It’s pink and it comes in easy to clean plastic!


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