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Well Begun Is Half Done

All day long I kept saying these words to myself and hearing Mary Poppins saying them, as well.

You know in the movie when Mary Poppins tells Jane and Michael about playing a game and it’s called “Well Begun Is Half Done”, then Michael says that he doesn’t like the sound of it. Well, I don’t like the sound of it either. In the movie  it refers to Jane and Michael tidying up their room and for me it refers to the fact that we continuously have to do things over and over and it always starts out well and then it only gets half finished because something doesn’t work out so good.

Today our “well begun is half done” happened to be the drywall in the two upstairs rooms. Dude has been saying lately that it’s looking pretty good and we can soon primer the walls. Well guess what?? Our brand, spanking, new drywalled walls are cracking. That’s right. Right up the middle in the identical areas of both rooms.

It seems that since the house is made out of concrete it’s continuously expanding and contracting and it’s pulling at our new drywall. We had put in a metal rod and a clee a few months ago to fix this problem since there is a big crack in the side of the house. The rod and clee were supposed to push the house together and stop the crack from getting worse. Then we put up new dry to hide the rod and also to put in some insulation. Well the clee is on one side of the house (the library side), but the other side (Tinki’s room) needs to have a metal UPN to pull it together. We have been having the hardest time trying to get this. Now with the weather being warm during the day and cold at night, the house is heating up and then cooling down and Dude thinks this is causing the drywall to contract and expand with the temperature which is probably the reason for the initial crack in the outside wall of the house.

Great! He did his best to fix the issue, but we seem to be having the same issue with our new wall!

He already fixed two of the cracks and then today he goes upstairs to put another finish coat on the walls and voila, another crack appeared today.

The crazy thing is that it was there during the day, then as soon as the temperature dropped it disappeared and the crack he fixed the other day started to bulge. Now we are desperately in need of finding that stupid UPN.

I already tried looking on line and of course all these metal places won’t answer your email questions and when I call they say that they won’t sell you just one short piece. I even took a picture of one over to Point P to ask those guys where to find one and those losers looked at it like it was from outer space. No one there even knew what it was and those stupid things are on houses all over the place here! FIRED! That’s what I say. How the heck can you work in a construction store and not know what a metal UPN is??

So tomorrow we are headed to a metal shop that is near my work. This guy makes all kinds of neat things and maybe he’ll have a junk pile we can fish through to find it. Once we do find it then we have to figure out how to get it on the other side of the rod (which is in our neighbor’s yard). Then we have to hope it works and our drywall (and outer wall) stops cracking. We can’t paint the walls until then.

I’m still hearing Mary Poppins and it’s translating to “one step forward and two steps back”.


Scraping floors leaves me with a lot of time on my hands to think about things. So today, while finishing up the floor scraping, I started to think about two gripes that I have. I actually have more than two, but I tended to dwell on these ones for some reason today. Let’s just call me lame and you will when you finish reading.

It pretty much started with the fact that I wanted a snack before starting my work on the floors. I will do anything to get out of working a full shift and snacking is the way to do it. So I headed for the freezer cuz I had bought some delicious fruit popsicles and that was sounding pretty good. To my surprise, this is what I found when I opened the box…

Will someone tell me what the heck this bite size thing is?? I’m sorry, but I wanted a Popsicle, a WHOLE one. I didn’t bargain for one bite??!! How is this supposed to be satisfying? Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not and that’s the reason why I have to eat the whole box to feel satisfied. Why do the French insist on making desserts that are just too small to give you any satisfaction? If the box would have contained 6 regular sized Popsicles, then I probably would have saved myself the calories, as well. I also would have had some Popsicles left over for another day to enjoy! So that’s my gripe number 1 for the day. I just wanted a great, satisfying snack to help me through drudgery and it was a fail.

The other thing that really got my goat was the fact that my local super market just up and decided that they weren’t going to sell my favorite cheese anymore. Yes, I know there are 365+ cheeses in France and I should be able to just pick another, right?? Wrong. I have a favorite cheese for a few things that I love in this world and there is just no substitute. Now, you all are gonna give me the big eye roll when I tell you that my favorite cheese is cheddar and I just have to have it. It’s the one type of cheese that I absolutely can’t live without. It’s the only thing great for:

  1. Tacos!!!- I have to have shredded, wonderful cheddar for topping off my tacos. There is no other cheese in this world that should be allowed to be on a taco. No way in heck!
  2. Chips!!!-The taste of melted cheddar cheese on my tortillas chips is the best ever! Like tacos, there is nothing that taste better a top my chips.
  3. Salad!!!-The taste of little square pieces of cheddar on my salad makes the best mix with my dressing. It just makes the flavor pop. I’ve tried others, but it was a no go. I have to have cheddar in my salad.
  4. Turkey Sandwiches!!!-I only want cheddar cheese to touch my turkey. There is just something about the turkey and cheddar mix that just makes the sandwich. If I don’t have cheddar then I’m not making a turkey sandwich and that’s final.
  5. Last but not least-All By Itself!!!- I happen to love to go into the fridge, grab the block of cheddar and just cut some slices to eat all by itself. It’s the best snack one could find. The sharper the cheddar, the better the snack.

Well, I was just pissed today because there I was thinking about all this cheese in the market to choose from and I want the one that they decided they weren’t going to sell anymore. Why couldn’t it have been one of the more stinky ones I always walk by?

Now, I have no idea how popsicles and cheddar both made it into my head for gripes today, but they did. Like I said, this scraping stuff leaves you a lot of time to think. I guess I must be simple minded since out of all the interesting things I could discuss with myself, I choose those two. This remodel must really be getting to me.

I guess I need to up my intelligence for tomorrow and think of something more beneficial. Does Hugh Jackman count??

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