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Road to Recovery

Well, after 3 days of the flu and being out of commission, I’m finally feeling somewhat better.

This thing came on like a hurricane. I was feeling completely fine on Tuesday night when I went to bed and then around 4am it began. After about 14 hours of throwing up everything I ate over the last two weeks, I finally started to feel a bit better tummy wise, but I ended up sleeping away the last 2 and ½ days. I’m still really fatigued and don’t want to eat much, but I’m on the road to recovery at least.

It’s a good thing too cuz since I’ve been out of it, all work on the house has come to a screeching halt. Unfortunately for us, we decided to completely tear out the first story bathroom two days before I got sick and now that job is on hold. I will have pictures and the story of the work coming soon.

Also, while away at work on Monday we found out by Tinki that we have some leaks in our roof thanks to the rain. On the second story the ceiling has some water damage and we need to take care of that asap or it will ruin the drywall and finish work that we have already done. Also, the living room has 3 major leaks that we know of and there were some serious puddles all over the floor. There is always something with this house!

So it’s been quite a week. It looks like I will still need to take it easy this weekend unless a miracle happens and I all of a sudden feel a ton better. Right now I just don’t see that happening. Chicken soup, crackers and 7-up make you feel better but it doesn’t exactly give you the muscles and strength you need like a bowl full of Wheaties does. I wish I was able to eat those!

I really hope Dude and Tinki don’t come down with what I had. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

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