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Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to all!

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday of the whole year so I am kind of let down by the fact that France just doesn’t get it the way we Americans do.

During the month of October I just loved seeing all the decorations in the stores and at neighbors’ houses. We ourselves were big into decorating when the kids were young. I also miss passing out candy and seeing everyone dressed up. It’s such a huge deal in The States that now I am finally feeling a bit of culture shock!

A few weeks ago I found out that our town was going to put on a Halloween party and got all excited and told Tinki about it. We were gonna be in like Flynn. Then we found out that it was only for kids 3-12??!! What the heck? This holiday is for everyone and I’m crying foul. These guys don’t understand how much fun this holiday is for big people, too and I tell you when they do figure it out, look out!

So for the month of October, this picture was about as Halloweeny as it got for me. I vow right at this moment, that next year I am dressing up in full force and gonna show these Frenchies how it’s done. I might scare my co-workers, but then again, that is all part of the fun:) Muaha ha ha!!!

I ended up finding a picture of me taken 2 years ago. I was Laura Croft Tomb Raider. Look out Angie, your competition is in town!

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