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My French Life-11 November 2011

I almost forgot this!

The great folks over at Ma Vie Française/My French Life invited me to be a contributor on their website. I took a look around and really liked what I saw. I’m super excited to be part of this terrific site. My ramblings about all things French are featured around once a month there and this month’s contribution post from me is up and running. Yay me!

They have a host of contributors that write about anything French/Francophile including art, food, and traveling.

Please stop by and take a look and while you’re there take some time to browse the site and check out some of the other posts and contributors and tell me what you think. I always enjoy hearing from ya’ll.

Here’s the link to this month’s contribution by moi…

My Last Writing

I wanted to let all of you know who have been faithful in reading all of my rants that a change might be coming.

As you all know, over the last few months we have been renovating our house and that is what the majority of my writings have been about. It has been really hard, but most of the time I’ve been able to find humor in the hardship, but that’s cuz the majority of the time it wasn’t affecting our quality of life. Now it is and in a major way.

Two weeks ago our region received far more rain than usual and it was at that point that Dude and I started to endure hardship that was never ending.

Still today, it has not gotten any better. In fact, it is the opposite. It has become worse and much worse than we ever thought.

We still do not have a roof because the first thing we need to take care of is the plumbing. It has now been 11 days since my daughter and I have been able to take a shower and 11 days since any of us have been able to use the toilet. Tinki and I have to give up our showers so Dude can take a 5 minute one to get all the sewage off since he is in it more than me. Any longer than 5 minutes and the overflow moves into the bedroom. The plumbing can’t seem to be fixed and over this past week new information has come to light.

Before I give you this info, though, I have to tell you that over the past 11 days we have tried to contact many plumbers many times (even our real estate agent and the lady next door tried to get them to come). We needed someone with real equipment to fix our drain. Meanwhile, while we waited for them to call us back and come help (no one ever did) sewage continued to spill over into the bathroom and bedroom when it rained. We never even got a call from any of the plumbers.

Our neighbor had a friend who showed up and said he had a great plumbing snake, but the only way we could get to the area we needed to snake was to take off the toilet. Dude tried but it was frozen and stuck so bad to the wall that he couldn’t get it off. He had to break it. It turns out the guy didn’t even have a great plumbing snake and it didn’t work at all. Now, with no toilet, the sewage was spilling over even faster than before because the hole was now floor level. The toilet was at least giving us time before it spilled over, now it’s instantaneous.

Dude proceeded to dig up the entire yard and start looking for the pipes and drainage. He ended up finding the whole run after many days and we found that a lot of the pipes had a ton of roots in them. He was able to get the roots out, but we still could not get the pipe to drain. The main problem, unfortunately, was under the house where we couldn’t reach. For days we tried everything. Flushing it out, more snaking, chemicals. All for nothing. I tried to continue to get a plumber out to the house, but to no avail. I also tried everywhere to find a power snake which pretty much is non-existent here. I truly hate to say this, but if I were back in the states, a plumber would have showed up and fixed it right away since he would have had all the right tools or I could have just run myself down to the nearest Home Depot and bought one in 10 minutes. But in France, OH NO, they don’t have such a thing cuz the French don’t have clogged drains! I do have to say I am now sick of substandard materials and equipment and non-existent stuff that every other country would have.

So Dude and I decided that the only thing we could do is redo the main plumbing and run new lines. We discovered that by uncovering the old lines, the old owners had trouble in the past cuz there were even older pipes in the ground that were broken and there was even one pipe that they had drilled a hole in to snake something out and then fixed it by putting cement all over the hole. The fact that they had problems in the past was never told to us. By law they should have revealed this info.

I also found out that the apartment bathroom that is having all the problems was an illegal addition. When I went to the agency to get a plot map, what is shown on the map is not the same as our house. The bathroom area shows that it was a garden. They ended up making it a bathroom and didn’t say anything. This was also not revealed to us so our plot map is wrong.

After many days and hours and driving all over the place, I was finally able to find an electric snake to rent. I got it home and Dude said it was the most ancient, dumb thing he ever saw. It only partially worked and the motor was so bad that it was stripping and after some point it wouldn’t even turn the snake. Then it got worse. He turned off the motor and pulled out the snake and it turned out that 3 meters of the snake plus the tool on the end broke off in the pipe so now we had that stuck in there. So Dude had to fish the snake down the pipe and turn it by hand to try and recoup the broken part. By this time it was 10pm and freezing outside and we were making a terrible racket and I was worried about the neighbor’s (who have working plumbing) complain. I don’t need that right now especially after standing in sewage for days.

Dude did end up getting the broke pieces and snaking the drain, but there is still a major problem. Due to the fact the bathroom was an illegal addition they did not put the drains right and the flow is bad. The bathroom pipe sits lower that than bedroom pipe which leads outside, therefore water just sits there and backs up. So even though we could snake the pipe, now we can’t use that pipe anymore and we have to make a whole new drain.

We thought about exiting the new pipe out the side wall of the bathroom and running it down the wall 12 feet then re-entering into the garden and in the ground to give it the proper flow. There is a major issue with that and it is the fact that once the pipe exits it does so in our neighbor’s yard. We told her that we would cover it by construction a new wall of cement that would only come out about 13 centimeters. She flat out said no, so now we have nowhere to run new pipe and are still without a bathroom as I write. I don’t know how much longer we can do that.

In all of this, we haven’t been able to fix the roof so we have plastic and loose tiles still there. This will be more of a problem when it rains again and/or the winds start to blow. There is nothing keeping the tiles down on the roof. We also found that all the rain ruined the living room wall and it now has more cracks in which the water just pours through when it rains. Now that entire wall has to be knocked down and redone.

I have already contacted the insurance company but they will only pay for some of the damage, not the replacement of the pipes or roof. Both of these issues were not told to us by the previous owners. We now will have to possibly take them to court since they should have told us these major issues. Unfortunately to recoup anything will take years and we might not ever get anywhere except more depressed and frustrated.

Also, Dude got hurt really bad while doing all this work and now he can’t work for a while. Men don’t cry, they just don’t, but today he was really crying because he was hurt so bad. Now we are at a standstill and can’t do anything for a while. He thinks he will get better in a few days, but I don’t and he refuses to go to the doctor cuz he says he is tired of being let down by people here.

Now we are living in a substandard house with no way to fix it. When we bought the house we based our fix it costs on what was revealed to us. We weren’t ready to reconstruct the whole house and we, in fact, don’t have the money to do it. Financially it has been devastating to us. We are both miserable and depressed all the time. I can’t remember the last time I smiled or laughed. We are always tired and can hardly eat, mostly cuz we start to work early on the house after breakfast but we never finish before midnight and during that time, we can’t go up to eat anything cuz we have no water to wash the sewage off. So we end up working 15 hours or so with no food or water.

Dude and I fight all the time now. He hates being here and wishes he would have never bought this house. Even though this situation is depressing and horrible for me, I love France, I just hate what’s happen to us.

I feel terrible for our daughter. We told her this move would be great, that we would travel and see France and Europe. That hasn’t happened. In the last 13 months that we’ve been here we have only seen about 6 or 7 towns some of which we had already been to before. She is homeschooled and her schooling is suffering cuz I don’t have time to help. She never sees us since I am always at work or working on the house. Life sucks for all of us, but for her I feel worse.

Every day we go home to a shell that we have to work on. There is no day that passes that we have any peace. I have used nearly all my vacation time here (and that is a lot in France) to work on the house and I’ve never even taken a vacation. The last real vacation I had was in the year 2000. Since school and work, I’ve never even taken a break.

My family needs to have quiet and relaxation, but it is nowhere in sight. We keep asking ourselves why God hates us. We don’t understand why every day this house situation gets worse. Now it is getting colder and darker earlier and we still have no heat except for a tiny space heater in the room with no insulation. We keep waiting for the next bad thing to happen with this house to sink us even more.

We have pretty much run out of energy and are done pushing ourselves. Financially we could possibly lose everything due to this house. At our age we can’t afford to lose our savings and retirement (what little we have) to this house. I don’t have time to recover the loss from something like that and make the money back.

Now for the big change, I won’t be writing any more post for a long time and quite possibly never again if we are forced leave cuz then Provence wouldn’t be my backyard any more. As for now, I just don’t have it in me. I am so tired and frustrated and feel no hope. This situation is weighing like a ton of bricks on both Dude and I and neither one of us wants to even get out of bed in the morning. The one thing that makes me is the fact that I have to go to work, but once there I always have to apologize for the state I’m in and the way I look and say how thankful I am that France is the perfume capital of the world.

I wanted to personally thank Toni and her husband. Last week she offered for her and her husband to come help us for free, but they live 5 hours round trip from us and how could I accept when I have never met her and when they got to my house I wouldn’t have a bathroom for them to use or food for them to eat (since I don’t have a kitchen either).  I was just too much to accept that sort kindness from someone I had never met.

I will continue to read, when I can, the comments people leave me and try to comment back. For the moment our new cable box still hasn’t arrived so it has been nearly a week and a half with no internet, tv or phone. Who knows if that will ever show up. I will do my best though.

Maybe in the future you will hear from me. I’m just not sure but I didn’t want to leave you without saying anything. If I do end up posting again it will be because a ray of hope has appeared. That will be about the only thing that will cheer me up and make me want to tell you about it. I really loved writing my stories and I will miss it even though I don’t have the energy or will for it at the moment.

I wish each and every one of you happiness and thanks for all your support and comments and for reading my stories. I loved hearing from you. My site will remain up even though it isn’t in use right now. There is a lot in here that are good memories for me.

Here are my latest photos.

God bless to all.


With all the rain that has been happening in our region, we have had severe flooding and there have been families who have lost some of their belongings and even some of their animals. The Maire in our town sent out an email to everyone urging those who have had catastrophic losses to come by and make an application for assistance.

I firmly believe that within the next few weeks many more people will pass by the town Maire to make their applications.

I took some photos of what our town and the surrounding area looks like. By the way, the house with the flooded front yard is not ours, thank goodness. It is, however, just down the street from where our house is located. Also, I had to take the photos while driving since there was really no way to stop (it wouldn’t stop raining long enough and I didn’t want one of these crazy south of France drivers to run up on us cuz he was going 130 in the rain and could break fast enough!)

It doesn’t seem like we are out of the woods, yet. I saw today on line that the next four days we have no rain, but starting next Tuesday we are set to have another week’s worth.

So far, Dude and I have not been able to fix our roof or the plumbing so we are now going on more than a week with a leaky roof and by Friday it will have been a week since we have been able to use the bathroom. In order to get any work done we need a week or two of dry weather. Dude and I can only work so fast.

I have, yet, to hear from the insurance company. Someone was supposed to come and survey the damage by now. I suppose they have had a run on clients due to the weather. Also, the agent who sold us the house called a plumber to come out (2x), but we never heard from him. Typical customer service in France I would say. I know that plumbers in our region will be getting a ton of calls and we have to get in line, but sheesh I would have liked to at least gotten a call as acknowledgement.

In other news, last Monday, I attempted to call SFR to replace my Neufbox (cable box for those of you who aren’t in France and don’t know what a Neufbox is). So I was on the line for 1 hour with this tech guy who attempted to solve the problem when all I really needed is a new one cuz this thing was fried, I tell you. I was going around in circles with him cuz he kept trying to solve the unsolvable issue. Then after the ridiculous hour all he could tell me was that someone else would call me in 2 days. Thanks buddy.

On Wednesday when I hadn’t heard from SFR, I called them again. This time I got a guy who listened to me explain the issue then he said, “That’s not normal and SFR will give you a new cable box”. Yippey! That was all I had wanted in the first place. He said it should come straight to my house in about 5 working days. I hope he is right.

Even though I’m thrilled that I might be back in the real world soon with my new Neufbox, it still leaves us without phone, tv and internet until next week.

Tomorrow is a holiday in France so Dude and I will be working on the house, of course. We will attempt to do whatever we can. Not really feelin’ it, though. More unfinished projects is not what I really need right now. I am not sure if we can start on the plumbing issue ourselves or not and the roof is definitely out since there is not enough dry days and we can’t risk leaving it exposed.

I really hope that we do at least get some dry days. Aside from the havoc the rain has caused it also wears on the psyche not seeing the sun and blue sky for days. That only increases the depression you feel.

Well, I guess I better strap my work boots on and make the most of the next couple of days off.

Depression Has Taken Over in the Worst Way

I haven’t been able to write for a while and with good reason. Dude and I are at our breaking point after this past week. It has been devastating to us. The house situation has turned from bad to worse.

Here is how it has been:

On Wednesday (remember rushing home in the rain to fix the roof)once we were able to get the plastic on the house, the damage to the 3rd story stopped, but there is still damage non-the-less to the work we have already spent countless days and weeks on. The ceiling in the hallway and one of the bedrooms has water damage now and that is something new that we are going to have to repair in addition to everything else.  To top it off, the torrential storms that we have been having has caused a lot more damage to date. Now the window in Tinki’s room is leaking and we just made a new wall there, so that will have to be redone.

On Thursday morning we awoke to water being everywhere in large pools on the floor in the one room that we are living in. It’s coming from the second story roof (which we have no access to) and we can’t cover it at all. As a result, we have towels and buckets everywhere to catch the water. It is also coming through a large crack in the side wall of this room and pretty much the whole wall is soaked with water. The back part of this room, which is connected to our bedroom wall, is leaking also which means all the work we did in there will be destroyed, as well. That room took weeks upon weeks to fix in the first place. It has also been dripping on two old and heavy pieces of furniture that are impossible to move so we have just put a bucket on top of them. We are now going to have to knock down the main wall that is leaking and rebuild it.

On Friday evening we went downstairs in the apartment, which is housing every belonging we own while the main house is being remodeled (it has boxes and furniture from floor to ceiling) and found that due to all the rain, the toilet had been backing up for a while and there was sewage and water all over the bathroom floor and in the bedroom. As a result of this, some of our furniture was damaged and so are the walls and bathroom floor and because the whole house is connected on one line, we have not been able to use any of the bathrooms in the main house. This means that we haven’t been able to use any sink, toilet or shower since Friday night. We’ve had to be very inventive on going to the bathroom since we can’t flush and on getting clean since we can’t use the shower. Dude and I have tried to snake the drains and use chemicals but nothing has worked. We even went outside and dug up some of the pipe in the yard and drilled holes in it to see if we could find the issue and snake it. Were we could dig up the pipe, we found that the issue wasn’t there which means that it runs along the house under our nice concrete slab or under the ground in our neighbor’s yard. Due to the severity of the problem and where the problem potentially lies, we haven’t been able to fix the issue so we are still without a bathroom as I am writing.

The other unfortunate thing was that on Friday night when I went to get the pipe snake and chemicals, it was raining very hard. When I got home Dude needed my help quickly and when I drove up to the gate he had me roll down the window so he could tell me where he wanted me to park the car so we could work on the drain. It was pouring and in my haste to help I left the car window down. Five hours later when I went to move the car into the driveway and then the garage, I found the inside of the car to be flooded with water.

We had to get what little towels we had left (since most are on the floor upstairs where the leaks are) and dry out the car as much as possible and then we left the doors open and the windows down and a fan blowing directly on it to dry it out as fast as possible. Before going to bed that night I found that the back window didn’t roll up any longer cuz the motor for it was soaked. The next morning when I went down to try it, though, it had dried out and was working. Wow, one thing gone right, at least.

This morning we had the agent who sold us the house come over and we showed him the problem. He is having a plumber come out, but I haven’t been able to find out when that will be. Dude and I are worried that it could be a really big issue and we might have to redo the main line which will cost a ton of money that we don’t have.

Then Saturday morning came around and we had some severe electrical storms in the area. A lightning bolt hit a line not far from us and we lost power for a bit. It ended up blowing the breaker. When we were able to get power back we found that it fried our cable box and since Saturday we have had no television, no phones and no internet (hence no posts).

Our area has had substantial flooding and some of it is in our yard. We can’t seem to get the water flowing away from the house so as not to cause more damage. We have been out in the rain for days just trenching the yard to get the water to move out into the street. There were a few times that the lightning was so bad that I ran back in the house because it was just too close. There are also many roads that have been closed and it looks like the surrounding valleys are giant pools.

So our weekend has done Dude and me in. We just sat around in the dark, with no phone, no internet, no television, no bathroom and leaks dripping everywhere around us.

Normally I have something sarcastic or funny to insert, but this time, I don’t. This has really taken its toll on us and to be quite honest it’s hard to get up in the morning and yet, I have to cuz I have to go to work. We feel overwhelmed and just can’t seem to get done any project on this house. We still have no floors and no kitchen and are so far from ever accomplishing that part of the whole remodel that I fear it will never happen.

I am not mad about buying the house (Dude has terrible regrets now). I am, however, angry at the old owners because we asked them to be upfront about the work that needed to be done so we could budget for it and make sure we did it in the right order. If they would have been honest with us about the severity of the roof, we would have done that first off. After all, we acquired the house at the end of July and we weren’t even living in it for the whole month of August not to mention that September and October were gorgeous here. We would have had plenty of time to fix the roof and not be worried about making it through the winter and how we are going to fix it when it won’t stop raining long enough to do so (it seems that we have several more days of lightning storms, high winds, and rain in our area). We also wouldn’t be pissed about all the work we have done so far getting ruined and it costing us more time and money.

Every day we are afraid that something else terrible will happen and we just don’t have the money or energy to fix it. Both of us are really depressed. This is really wearing on us mentally and emotionally.

Tonight we are spending the night at my office. Even thought we have to camp on the floor, it’s at least dry and warm and we have a bathroom and internet.

I tried to call SFR tonight get my new cable box and after being on the phone with them for 1 hour, I accomplished nothing. The guy said someone would call me back within 48 hours and for what, I don’t know. I explained to him that it was fried and just to send me a new one, but no, he had to give me the run around as usual. Now it will probably be another 2 to 3 weeks before we can have our phone, internet and television back.

To top it off, the French administration told me on Thursday that I have to redo all my immigration paperwork simply because I moved to a new department. Whatever. I didn’t even have the energy to argue with her.

I am afraid to see what this week has in store for us.


Super Man Is Really French

Well, this isn’t exactly a man purse, at least I don’t think it is, but in any case I’m going to chalk it up to being a Super Man Bag (ok lame joke. Sheesh you guys are a tough audience!).

Apparently, Superman is French and I didn’t even know it! I guess all these years to claim him as one of my own (American that is) was kind of high and mighty. So the truth comes out. Now here is walking around the south of France. Lucky for all of us who happen to be in a bit of a jam. Maybe he can use his super strength to come hold up my roof. Or better, yet, his super speed to fix it!

Wait a minute. I thought he was suppose to hide his identity. Wow, I guess that times are a changin’. I always thought he should be proud of who he is and let everyone know. I sure would if I was Super Girl! Not a word out of you on that one, Dude. Not…..a……word.

Well, he was Super Cool and he did have the bag so I guess that makes it true. He must be the real thing.  Wow, Superman + French. Us mere mortals have so much to live up to.

Now We Are Roofers

On Saturday, Dude and I took a mini trip over to Point P. I still wasn’t feeling good so he promised to keep it short and simple. We needed some tiles to go on the very top of our roof. You know that part that comes up at a peak like the angle of a triangle, yup, that’s the one. That is where our leak is originating so we need to hurry up and take care of it lickity-split before the next storm.

Since this is the first time Dude and I have done roofing here, we weren’t sure how to go about this the best way. We definitely want to make it look good and keep the rain out, but we also live in the region of the Mistrals and need to be sure we get them on good so they don’t blow off one day during a horrendous wind storm and fall into the neighbor’s yard and kill them while they are trying to rake up their leaves or something. Goodness knows I don’t need that on my conscience!

So at Point P, we took a look around and found that there are a bunch of types of tiles you can use around here. Who knew?? We finally found one that we thought might work, but needed to verify this. We ended up just buying one tile, taking it home and trying it out, and then running all the way back to the store 15 minutes before they closed to buy 17 more and a bunch of tile glue. I really didn’t want to spend my hard earn money on glue. I figured we could just melt the stuff we’ve been scraping off the walls and then just use that to help keep them down.

Since Dude bought 4 tubes of tile glue, I figured my idea was a no-go. He said we were also going to cement them down.

That was pretty much all I could handle for the day, so we took off for home.

On Sunday, Dude proceeded to climb up on the roof (pretty much 4 stories high) and clear off all the old tiles that have been causing us issues with leaking and then throwing all the junk away. It took a lot longer than we thought because Dude also discovered that the whole entire roof (that was originally concreted down probably 30 years ago) was now coming apart. In a sense, the cement that has been holding the tiles down has all turned to sand and now our entire roof isn’t really stuck on, it’s just staying in place due to the weight of each of the tiles on each other.

Another bad discovery was that the original ridge beam was way too low so now he had to fix that problem or else we didn’t have a place to set the tiles. So all day Dude cleaned up the roof by removing the old tiles, the old cement and sand, and trying to figure out how he was going to fix the ridge beam problem so we could make the roof normal and function right.

At the end of the day, we had a ton of roof crap in our yard for the trash man.

On Monday we headed over bright and early to Point P to pick up some more roof tiles since we were now going to have to have some regular ones (under/overs) to put in just below the new tiles we bought for the peak. They were going to go on both sides of the roof. Dude estimated that we needed 100 of them. We were able to get 50 into the car and while I paid bill Dude drove them home, unloaded them, and then came back for the other 50. We had to make a third trip for more cement and then off to work I went.

That evening we made a stopover at LeRoy-Merlin to pick up some wood so we could fix the ridge beam. We had to buy two pieces of wood that were the same size in order to put the added beam in. Dude also found some brackets to use to help hold it in place. They aren’t exactly what we were looking for, but when in France sometimes you just got to System D it.

On Tuesday I got lucky cuz here in France it was a holiday which means instead of going to work at the office I got to go to work at home. That just means one thing. It’s not really a holiday!

First off was putting in the new ridge beam (which really just went on top of the existing wood that was there). This was mainly Dude’s job as I was scared to death to go out on the roof, being that it is slanted and you are around 4 stories up. Listen people, I’m the bread winner in this family so that mean extra precaution.

That day my middle name was pretty much “can you go find” or “can you go get”. That’s right. I was the gopher girl. I actually like that job unless I can’t find it then I just get pissed off and have a meltdown. Just kidding. Well about the meltdown part, not the pissed off part J

After Dude finished putting in the first piece of wood, he found out that he actually needed my help because doing it all by himself wasn’t working. It was too hard to make it straight. So guess what?? I actually had to go out on top of the roof! I was so scared that I was actually shaking in my boots and it took me a bit of time before I could drum up the courage. Finally I climbed out. We have this little hatch on the roof of the top story and it kind of reminds me of a submarine hatch. That is how we access our roof. So up through the hatch I went and straight to the peak I crawled. Yes-you got it, I was on the roof crawling cuz there was no way in heck I was gonna stand up.

When I finally made it up, I was able to help Dude with holding the wood and checking to see if it was straight. Then we put in the second piece of wood. It took forever to get this done cuz the first beam down inside had termite damage and it was hard to screw down the brackets to it, plus to get both pieces of wood straight was just a nightmare. In the end, it turned out okay, but one of the pieces of wood we couldn’t actually ever get really straight. It’s good enough though.

I was then able to crawl back down the hatch to safety. It actually wasn’t too bad up there. I kind of got use to it after a while, but I was never able to stand up. It has a great view!

Once that was done, it was time to put the tiles on the roof. Tinki, Dude and I had an assembly line going so we could get this done. Night was approaching and the tiles needed to be laid out in order to make sure all would fit together nicely. They did look good, but a problem came up that will transpire in the future when we go to redo the rest of the tiles. Since this is the very top part we are redoing, once they are cemented down it will be impossible to move them to lay the other tiles under them. Still not sure what we will do there.

Today I had to go back to work and the roof is not done. The weather report said no rain until Thursday but guess what?? It’s raining. So I think we are in trouble.

Tonight when leaving work we made another quick pit stop at LeRoy-Merlin to pick up some plastic so we could put it down on the roof under the tiles to keep the rain from coming in. Once on our way back home we found ourselves in the midst of a torrential downpour and getting more worried by the minute. We were super worried about the state of the house and how we were going to get the plastic on the roof in complete darkness and rain.

When we finally made it home, Dude went straight up to the roof. Luckily there was a break in the rain so he was able to put on the plastic and fix all the tiles. The roof was too slippery so I didn’t go out on it.

I was the one helping out and breaking some rules. I am not by nature a rule breaker. I like to play things by the book. This way no one gets hurt and no one gets in trouble. My motto since I was a kid. Well there I was standing on the top part of the ladder (where it says not to stand or you risk falling) with my whole self out the top hatch, holding an electrical light so Dude could see, and hoping it wouldn’t rain so that I was safe from being electrocuted and falling of the top of the ladder. Along with a prayer for the rain to stay away for a bit, I was also praying that I wouldn’t see lightening. A crispy critter is not exactly what I aspire to be.

Well our luck held and Dude stayed out there for a little more than an hour getting everything squared away with only a few drops hitting us. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes that the rain started to come down harder.

Tonight we’ll see if it holds. I hear it’s going to be windy tomorrow. Hopefully our tiles will still belong to us and not our neighbors!

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