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With all the rain that has been happening in our region, we have had severe flooding and there have been families who have lost some of their belongings and even some of their animals. The Maire in our town sent out an email to everyone urging those who have had catastrophic losses to come by and make an application for assistance.

I firmly believe that within the next few weeks many more people will pass by the town Maire to make their applications.

I took some photos of what our town and the surrounding area looks like. By the way, the house with the flooded front yard is not ours, thank goodness. It is, however, just down the street from where our house is located. Also, I had to take the photos while driving since there was really no way to stop (it wouldn’t stop raining long enough and I didn’t want one of these crazy south of France drivers to run up on us cuz he was going 130 in the rain and could break fast enough!)

It doesn’t seem like we are out of the woods, yet. I saw today on line that the next four days we have no rain, but starting next Tuesday we are set to have another week’s worth.

So far, Dude and I have not been able to fix our roof or the plumbing so we are now going on more than a week with a leaky roof and by Friday it will have been a week since we have been able to use the bathroom. In order to get any work done we need a week or two of dry weather. Dude and I can only work so fast.

I have, yet, to hear from the insurance company. Someone was supposed to come and survey the damage by now. I suppose they have had a run on clients due to the weather. Also, the agent who sold us the house called a plumber to come out (2x), but we never heard from him. Typical customer service in France I would say. I know that plumbers in our region will be getting a ton of calls and we have to get in line, but sheesh I would have liked to at least gotten a call as acknowledgement.

In other news, last Monday, I attempted to call SFR to replace my Neufbox (cable box for those of you who aren’t in France and don’t know what a Neufbox is). So I was on the line for 1 hour with this tech guy who attempted to solve the problem when all I really needed is a new one cuz this thing was fried, I tell you. I was going around in circles with him cuz he kept trying to solve the unsolvable issue. Then after the ridiculous hour all he could tell me was that someone else would call me in 2 days. Thanks buddy.

On Wednesday when I hadn’t heard from SFR, I called them again. This time I got a guy who listened to me explain the issue then he said, “That’s not normal and SFR will give you a new cable box”. Yippey! That was all I had wanted in the first place. He said it should come straight to my house in about 5 working days. I hope he is right.

Even though I’m thrilled that I might be back in the real world soon with my new Neufbox, it still leaves us without phone, tv and internet until next week.

Tomorrow is a holiday in France so Dude and I will be working on the house, of course. We will attempt to do whatever we can. Not really feelin’ it, though. More unfinished projects is not what I really need right now. I am not sure if we can start on the plumbing issue ourselves or not and the roof is definitely out since there is not enough dry days and we can’t risk leaving it exposed.

I really hope that we do at least get some dry days. Aside from the havoc the rain has caused it also wears on the psyche not seeing the sun and blue sky for days. That only increases the depression you feel.

Well, I guess I better strap my work boots on and make the most of the next couple of days off.

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