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About Ready To Start

This morning two people from the company who is going to be doing our roof and façade showed up. They had scheduled the appointment with us last week and said they would be at the house around 10am today. So, being that we are in France I took that to be more like 11am.

Well, I guess these guys aren’t French cuz I got a call this morning right after 8am saying that they were on their way. They had to up the appointment to an earlier time cuz they needed to squeeze in another appointment that morning and would now be arriving chez moi before 9am. Well, I guess that meant I had to get up early now didn’t it. It was time for the mad dash since I needed to shower and clean up the dirty dishes in the sink before they were to arrive. I made the mad dash and managed to get dressed but not clean up the dishes. Oh well, the house is under construction so maybe they wouldn’t even notice.

They made this appointment so that the foreman of the job could see where he needed to put all the materials and the scaffolding. I had gone over to my neighbors’ houses on Sunday evening to let them know that work was going to be done on the house, but didn’t have a date, yet. I also had to give them both the bad news and the good news.

Wait… you need the background info first. Background is that I have three neighbors who are going to be affected by this work. See, the back exterior wall that is being worked on is actually on the property line of two of my neighbors behind me. This means that the scaffolding is going to be in their yard while the work is getting done. The neighbor to the side of me has her garden next to my wall, but the scaffolding isn’t going in her yard, it’s going on our 1st story bathroom roof, but I still have to tell her about the work in case anything falls in her yard.

So the bad news for the neighbors is that the work will take place during a two week period or longer, depending on the weather, and the scaffolding is going to be set up in their yard. The good news is that once the work is done they will have a beautiful wall to look at instead of an ugly one. I think that’s a pretty good trade off, now don’t you?

Well, to my surprise and delight, the two neighbors behind me were super okay with the whole thing! Thank goodness cuz I don’t need any more issues. One of the neighbors chatted with me about how it was no problem and the workers could even go in and out of their house if need be and wanted Dude and I to come over and have some food and wine with him and his wife. Sounds good to me, but let’s see if he feels that way after workers are at his house making messes and being loud for a couple of weeks!  The other neighbor is really old and I think he has a problem hearing, but I kept telling him what was going on and he finally seemed to get it. I hope we are all squared away cuz this morning when I flagged him down to say hello he looked at me like he had never seen me before. This might be an issue.

Oh, by the way, the “let’s have a drink” neighbor’s wife asked me if I had chosen a color for the façade and you should have seen the look on her face when I told her it was going to be bright orange. She tried to hold herself together while her face was cringing. I gave her about 5 seconds and then said I was just kidding. She was so relieved and thankful. It was a mean joke to play on someone I had just met, but I couldn’t resist. She ended up laughing about it but it was just cuz she was so grateful that I was kidding! I didn’t blame her one bit for cringing either, seeing as it would have been 3 stories of bright orange for her to look at for the rest of her life! Fate worse than death, I tell ya.

So, back to today. The two guys came over and took a good look around for where they were going to put all the materials and how they were going to do this crazy scaffolding trick. The nice neighbor who wants to have us over for drinks let them in the house and out into their garden with no problem. That was very nice of them. The other neighbor wasn’t home, though.

Before the guys departed, we had a discussion on what was to be done and how it was going to be done and then the original guy who came over way back in the beginning to give us the quote said that the materials should start to arrive this Friday and then the work will commence.

Super duper. After they left, I ran back over to our “let’s have drinks sometime” neighbor and let him know. He said great and that he would even chop down his little plants that might be in the way to avoid problems with the scaffolding. Gee, that’s a nice gesture.

I was able to get a hold of the other neighbor just as I was about to leave for work, remember the one I tried flagging down to say hello and him not remembering me. Well, I let him know the date the work was to start, too, cuz he will have to leave his garden gate unlocked in order for the workers to get in and have their scaffolding set up. He said ok and that he was going to tell his other neighbor cuz apparently they share this gate? Like, the other neighbor passes through his yard to get to their yard?! France is so weird that way.

Well, let’s hope all is good with this. At least the company has been doing what they said they would so far, so I am hopeful. I won’t be elated until it’s done and it’s perfect, though. I’m worried about the façade since it has been around -1C and -2C here the last couple of nights and when it’s really cold, cement (hence stucco) won’t cure.  I had a look at the meteo.fr sight (that trusty site that tells me all my weather details here in France, but isn’t very trusty since it changes every 5 seconds) anyway, there’s no rain in sight (good) and it’s suppose to stay above 1C for a while at night (good again). Well, we shall see and here’s hoping. Onward and upward til Friday and praying that my neighbors don’t change their mind and give me any issues!


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