Free Gift

Dude is in the process of gathering all the materials he needs to change the main electrical service and panel in our house. Even though much of the house has decent electrical, it still needs to be updated since the last time the house had any work done in this area was probably around the 1970’s or 1980’s.

Dude said that the existing stuff is still good and he’s not going to go through the trouble of rewiring the whole house if it doesn’t need it. The new panel is definitely warranted, though, and so are some new electrical runs along with some new plugs and switches since back in the day, they didn’t have cable, internet and all that modern stuff we now need to get through our day.

In this process he wanted a small panel to house our cable and internet boxes and phone stuff so he did some searches online to find something that he would be happy with. All the stuff he was finding in the stores here just wasn’t striking his fancy.

Well, low and behold he found what he wanted on Ebay and here it is. It just arrived yesterday. The picture of loveliness, I tell you!

Now the fun part. Apparently it came with a free gift that we had no idea we would be the proud owners of, this nice sort of Rasta Flag towel brandishing a “Black Roots” symbol.

Did I miss something here? Either the seller was trying to make us “feel the love” or he knows something about my background that I don’t. Well, at least it wasn’t sporting the marijuana leaf like they so often do! You should have seen the look of confusion on our faces when we opened the package and this was hiding inside the box. It gave us a good laugh for a while.

In any case, it’s a nice towel and I think it will be a lovely addition hung up on a wall somewhere in my 18th century French farm house. It totally goes with our décor 🙂 Also, it will be a lovely discussion piece every time people inquire about my “black roots”.

About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. Hi Ashley! I think I told you that my husband has an electrical contracting firm here in MD. If you guys need anything, please do not hesitate to email me. We would be happy to help. Just wish I was there and could give you hands on help, maybe one day!

    • Hi Debra- Thanks so much for the offer and if we see that we aren’t able to find more stuff we need, then I will definitely give you a shout out. For now, he seems to have found two online stores that have been his treasure chest, so we shall see. The only thing about bringing some stuff over from the USA side is that the electrical here is totally different. We were able to have some friends ship a couple of things that didn’t really matter like wire ties and wire nuts, but other than that we’ve had to find all the stuff here. I will definitely let you know as time progress and we see where we are in the project! Thanks again 🙂

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