Snowflakes in Provence

I was born and raised in Southern California. I lived there pretty much my whole life and always about 20 minutes or less from the ocean. Therefore, I never saw it snow in the winter. If I wanted to see the snow, my family had to make the two hour trek to the mountains to do so. Throughout my lifetime family trips to the snow didn’t occur very often, mostly because I didn’t like to participate in winter sports. I preferred the beach and the lake and summer sports.  I’m not one to snow ski or snowboard so it was never high on my list to just “go see the snow”. In fact, I was all of 27 years old before I even saw snow fall from the sky! At that time, it just so happened that I went on a spring vacation with my family to Lake Tahoe when we were caught in a late season snow storm. I remember standing in the living room of our rented condo looking out the window and watching in amazement the snow falling from the sky. I remarked to Dude that it was the first time I had ever seen it snow. He thought I was joking! I wasn’t.

Well, fast forward many, many years later and I now I live in Provence. I was told that it didn’t really snow in this region of France and if it did, the snow didn’t last too long and there usually wasn’t a lot of it.

So late yesterday afternoon, on my way home from work, I got one of the biggest treats of my life. It was snowing in Provence. Not just a little bit of snow, but a fairly good amount. I was in heaven.

Not only did I get to see it snow (for probably the second time in my life), but I also arrived home to a snow covered garden!

It was like looking at a post card. My house was just beginning to be surrounded by the beauty of freshly fallen snow. It was like powdered sugar on a birthday cake.

I was eager to find out if when I woke this morning, the snow would still be there. To my delight, it was. The snow was still clinging to the trees in my garden and my neighbor’s yard still had a thin blanket covering it.

I couldn’t wait to go out and take a quick stroll to hear the crunching of the ice under my feet.

Now that the end of the day is here, the snow has started to melt and the ice is beginning to disappear. There are no longer any traces of the wonderful white powder in the trees and I am beginning to see the familiar ground again in my yard.

Even though the snow lasted only a short time, it was simply marvelous for me. I can’t wait for the next time when snowflakes appear in Provence. It was a wonderful treat for me.

About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. lovely pictures of the snow. It must be very different for you from Southern California!

  2. I was hoping that someone would send me pictures of our house or of Sablet with the snow; but nothing has shown up yet. So I am happy to see your pictures of Provence and your yard in the snow. I would not like it to last to long if I was there but it would be pretty while it lasted. I grew up in Michigan and I had more than my fill of snow as a kid. I don’t miss it living in Northern CA. When we want snow we head to Lake Tahoe.

    • Hey Michel, if I was living near Sablet I would totally go and take pictures of your house for you and send them so you could see what it looked like! It definitely wasn’t a snow “storm”, but it was probably more snow than usual for these parts. I just love everything covered in snow. It really changes the landscape.

  3. Having grown up in Maine I think my relationship with snow was a bit different than yours :), and for me the lack of it in winter is a bit strange. I can’t believe you guys got snow down THERE before us in Paris! I’m jealous. I’m sure that was a real treat for you; getting snow in a place you don’t expect it always makes it more unique and special. Glad you were able to stop for a moment to enjoy it!

    • Hey Corey, I think if I grew up in Maine my opinion on snow would be like yours! I would most likely have been completely over it and moved to some tropical island! I can’t believe in snowed here before Paris, either. That must be something new. It really was a treat and I am hoping it happens again. I was so excited that I couldn’t even contain it yesterday 🙂

  4. Hi Ashley,

    I have not been too well for the last couple of weeks, hence the lack of my response to your posts. This one, I just can’t resist. Beautiful pictures as they are, I wish you and your family could live here in the UK for a year or two. One day we can be SUN BATHING, The next day we could be sheltering inside from the rain or even SNOW. Climate change and all that (but don’t get me going on that one)

    Anyway, to sum things up, I am glad to read that you are making progress, slow as it may be. I may not reply to all of your posts, but I do read them. Can’t wait to see the finished results (no matter how long) keep going you two, I have got faith.

    • Hi Stephen, Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Nothing is more draining than being sick for a long time. My good healthy wishes go out to you. Hope your family is giving you lots of chicken soup and ice cream (those two things always make me feel better anyway!). As for living in the UK, I think I will pass on that one. I do like the snow but that’s because it was very light compared to what you guys experience. I don’t think I would be up to the UK snow storms! Progress is slow as usual, but we are making some nonetheless, so that’s always good. I can’t wait to see the finish results myself! 🙂 Take care and I really hope you feel much better soon.

  5. I don’t really like snow, but luckily so far this year we had some on Monday that we passed on to you guys and it had left us by Tue morning – perfect snow in my opinion, just enough to look pretty, but not lingering to make life difficult!

    • Boy Jacqui, you said it! Just enough to look pretty and move on. I totally agree and that’s why I love it. I know that here in Provence, the snow won’t last too long so it’s a nice treat. I get to experience it for a few days and then it just melts away. I know that I couldn’t handle a full on snow storm so thank goodness that hasn’t happened to me, yet. But boy, was this snow fall great 🙂

      • Unfortunately the bloody stuff came back on Sunday and was really deep and is still hanging around, and the temps have dropped to -8 with a windchill of -15. I am not happy!

      • Oh my Jacqui! The -15 is no bueno. I hope you are staying nice and dry. The weather report says that it is going to probably snow here again this weekend. I do still like the snow. I just can’t help myself!

  6. No fair! We had two flakes here and that was it!! 😦

    • Hey Englishman, only two flakes! What’s up with that! I’d complain and tell the weather controllers to have a do-over and to make sure it’s better next time. I hope you took a photo of those two flakes cuz that is monumental!

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