Skynet Has Become Self-Aware

Lately I have been having some trouble with my computer. I believe the stuff they talked about all those years ago in the movie “The Terminator” is now coming true and it’s starting to infiltrate my own personal laptop.

It all started a couple of months ago when I couldn’t post a comment on one of my favorite blogs. I ended up emailing the lady whose blog I read and told her that I was really reading it every chance I got, but that I wasn’t able to post comments anymore cuz my computer wouldn’t let me. The darn thing would literally refuse to do what her comment page asked in order to accept my post. We ended up emailing each other instead. I figured it was just some weird thing going on and it would all work itself out. Low and behold, a few weeks later all was worked out and I could again post my comments.

Well, guess what?? A few weeks after that, the same thing happened again, but with another blog I read. So I emailed the writer to let him know that I was still there but I just couldn’t tell him so. Fortunately, he was able to tweak his blog a bit and that very day I was able to post a comment! So far so good.

See, I have certain blogs (no doubt you have seen some of them on my blog roll to the right) that I like to read often. Well, I also like to post comments, too. Everyone likes to get comments on what they’ve written and I think it also develops good relationships. You start to see these bloggers as “friends”. It’s nice to read about the goings on in other people’s lives and their opinions, the interests you share with them and the places they live and travel. I also think that they want to hear from you if for anything, to know that there is someone out there who appreciates their stories and is willing to take a minute to drop them a line to tell them so.

So back to the crazy computer self awareness thing.  My computer, unbeknownst to me, decided to make a New Year’s resolution without telling me before hand. Do you know what that was? To block me every time I want to post on someone’s blog who has a word verifier. There is one blog which allows me to get through, but only one. This freakin’ computer will let me take the time to write my comment, then type in my ID then type in the “secret code” word verifier and then when I hit “publish” or “post comment” the result is my comment not being posted with an error that says I didn’t write the word correctly. WRONG! I can go through this motion 5 times (cuz if it rejects you it just gives you another set of letters/numbers to input) and each time it says “no bueno”. I swear I’m gonna lose it. I’ve tried using different search engines, scrubbing my computer for bugs, etc.. Nothing. I can’t get a post in even if I paid for it. My computer has all of a sudden decided to hate the word verifier! What’s up with that?!

So, for all you guys out there whose blogs I love to read and post comments on, I’m still here and I’m still reading them. No I haven’t snubbed you, forgot about you, told my friends bad things about you or thrown you under the bus (unfortunately, my computer has done all that).

Until my computer becomes non self aware, stops doing things on its own and forgets all about its New Year’s resolution, I think I will be stuck in non-posting comments hell. Ahhh! I wanna say something. I wanna put my two cents in and this is killin’ me! Even Dude knows how bad it is for a girl to not have her say in something so apparently my computer must be having a big laugh right now.

Anywho, I still love all you guys with blogs that have word verification even if my computer doesn’t. I’m still reading and still enjoying what you are writing about, I just can’t tell you that!


About backyardprovence

I was finally able to realized my dream of living in France when I moved here in 2010. I love to read,I love history and road trips. I want to be doing anything outside in the fresh air. I want to have an entire room devoted to a personal library.

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  1. When I saw your heading “What would you like to find in my backyard?”, my immediate reaction was ME! LOL! Love your blog, love planning our Provence trip for Sept 2012!
    I can hardly wait! Everyday I read several blogs about from folks who are in/wish they were in Provence…. the planning is half the fun!

    • Hi Helen, thanks for the kudos! September is a really lovely month here in Provence. The weather has cooled down a bit from the sticky hot summer months of July and August and the sun still stays high in the sky. I do believe that September is one of my most favorite months here! I hope you have a terrific trip! Good luck with all the planning and I do agree it is half the fun 🙂

  2. Try another browser.

  3. Let’s hope this comment registers! I do enjoy reading your blog. Anyone who likes to read about French expressions, teaching and learning French, might like to start reading my new blog. Go to the website and click on the blue heading “blog’. You can subscribe too. The first blog is about the expressions I found in the song “Deux Pieds” by Thomas Fersen.

    • Hi Clare, Thanks for reading. I follow you on Twitter! Nice job with the App for your phone and congratulations! That will come in handy for all French learners especially in school….during test:)

  4. That’s frustrating!
    A couple of months ago, the charger for my laptop broke and while I waited for my new one to be delivered, my sweet neighbor let me borrow his laptop, but his laptop did almost the exact same thing! Everytime I came across a word verification thingy, it would not recognize me, and then I would have to sign in all over again, and then of course, leave the comment again, and the second time it would let me. It was so freaking weird. I swear it was possessed.

    • Hi Sara, that’s exactly what happens to me! Only it won’t let me leave the comment even after the 2nd, 3rd or 4th time! Yup- I’ve tried that much and then just get frustrated and give up. I’m tellin’ ya this crazy thing about computers taking over one day is gonna happen. I know it is, I’ve watched those Terminator movies enough to really believe it! Maybe I shouldn’t have watch the movie on my laptop, I think it got some ideas.

  5. Spookily, I left a comment here an hour ago and it has disappeared! I did that one on my iPad. Now I’ll try a PC. I was writing to say how much I enjoy your blog and that maybe your readers might also enjoy reading mine. It’s on my website Click on the blue tab “Blog”. It’s all about French expressions, teaching and learning French. The first blog is about the expressions I came across in the song “Deux Pieds” by Thomas Fersen.

    • Hi Clare, The comment was still there on my side so all is good. So far my computer is letting comments come through to me! Nice to see you’ve started writing about how to figure the crazy language of French out. It will definitely be a help 🙂

  6. Hmmm. Had that same problem recently. Maybe it’s not us. Maybe it’s them!

    • Could be,Lee, but unfortunately the problem hasn’t corrected itself and double unfortunately your blog is one that my computer has snubbed. I can’t comment on your writings for the life of me! I sure hope it gets over this stupid stunt it’s pulling real soon cuz this is getting old!

  7. Oh you poor thing! I know my blog sometimes plays up and often won’t even let me comment back when people comment – just won’t let me into the comment box, so I do feel your pain.

    • Isn’t that just a big pain in the butt! Especially if you leave a long comment or reply and then it gets erased! Man, that really burns me up cuz if you want to try again you might be doing it all over just to have it erased the second time!

  8. silverneurotic

    It’s not a problem with your computer, or individual blogs. It’s a problem with Google. I’ve found that the only ways you can comment on these blogs is to either comment using a google account, or the option to anonymously using that username/url sign in. Some bloggers don’t allow this, but many do.

    • Thanks for letting me know because it has still been a problem for me. I’st so tiresome and annoying! I will try what you recommend and see it that helps. No wonder I have been see a lot of anonymously left post! Thanks again for the tip 🙂

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